Wintercourse SXQ (6 d) Bollnäs [2010-03-09]

The Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong was, for the 8th year in a row, arranged at the beautiful Bollnäs Folk High School. This year the course was taught during week 10 as the city of Bollnäs now has their winter holiday during that week. As usual we started out with a 2 days basic course before starting the Winter Course. The number of participants has been around 100 during the latest years and that was the case even this time.

The participants of the Vinter Course 2010 in from of the lake Varpen

This year the Qifield was even stronger and during the lecture we got a much appreciated Qiregulation by Su Dongyue. Making use of the Qifield in order to practice better and get better results was the theme of the year and many of the returning participants experienced that they improved their ability to do that.

As usual we let the participants fill in a questionnaire before and after the course. The results were very good. As much as 73% found that they got an increased level of energy. Furthermore, 70% felt less stressed. 65% less depressed and 65% were able to sleep better. These results are illustrated in the figure below. Also observe that only persons that had specific problems (e.g. had some sleeping difficulties) were included in the calculations.

Statistics from the Winter Course 2010

Some of the participant's comments after the basic course (2 days):

No clicking sound in the neck

"During 4 or 5 years I have had this clicking sound in my neck when I turn my head. It has disappeared completely now."

Can bend the body well

"I have practiced Shenxin Qigong and Hold Qi up for a while. When I practice Shenxin Qigong I'm used to having a cup of tea, my hand bag and a towel lying on the floor in front of me. But today when we bent forward I suddenly had my hand all the way down in the cup!"

The pain points disappeared

"Before we did the last practice I did make a good wish. I wished that the pain in some points in my back, close to the spine, would disappear. Then we started practicing and suddenly the change came. The pain is gone and my back feels very nice now."

The cold disappeared

"I had a cold with a stuffed nose when I came here. After just one hour I was able to breathe normally again."

Some of the participant's comments after the Winter Course (the last 6 days):

Pain in the arms and shoulders

"When I came I had a lot of pain in my shoulders, wrists and arms due to some intense work in front of the computer. I have only been able to practice La Qi at home because of the pain. It's been much easier to practice than I thought it would be. I'm much more agile in my shoulders and the pain is almost completely gone. When I came here I had already decided not to let any thoughts disturb me and to only focus on our exercises. When I did that, the gentle smile came as well as a very strong feeling of Qi."

Calmer and more agile

"When I came to the course I felt, just as I usually do, that my shoulders and body were very stiff. I feel more agile now, but what I feel above all is that I'm calmer inside. I'm very grateful for that."

Enjoyed the course

"Everything has improved for me, both physically and mentally. I've had moments during this course that have been wonderful."

No pain in the hip anymore

"During a couple of years I've had pains in my hip. The pain got worse and worse all the time. I usually wake up at night due to this pain, but during this course I have slept well through all the nights. I hope that I'm completely rid of that pain now."

Practicing during the Winter Course 2010

Nice mood and comfortable Qifield

"This is my first winter course and it has been a very nice mood here and a very comfortable Qifield. I really enjoyed myself here. I have been happy the whole time and I have felt like this since the last summer course, in spite of everything that happened in my life. I feel very grateful for being here and the goodness that I have experienced here. It feels like we are surrounded by goodness."

Strong enough to think positively

" I think that this course has been very calm and nice. I feel calm and harmonious. I have had problems with depression but now during this course I have had more strength so that I do not get stuck with those negative thoughts. I have also been able to get rid of some of my social phobia, and I'm pleased about that. I feel stronger in body and mind and really content."

Can get down when doing squats

"It has opened up a lot and worked in my body and as a result from that I can do the squats well. I just sit down, it is fantastic. I have been struggling with this during all those years."

The grief passed away

"I have had sadness and grief in my body since the summer, but it passed away almost immediately when I came here."

Less tense in the upper back

"I have sometimes experienced a deeper calm and harmony than ever before. The arm training La Q, combined with the leg training helped me a lot. I got a relief in my upper back that feels nice; it's a point that is hard to reach."

Can practice Hold Qi up better

"I noticed about 3-4 days ago something happened and I am more agile in my hands and arms. When we do Hold Qi up I can feel that I can do it better than before, it's easier and I do the movements in a way I have never done before. It feels nice."

Shenxin Qigong in Bollnäs during the Winter Course 2010

Climed up from a deep sorrow

"We buried our beloved grandmother two weeks ago and I have been very emotional, felt a lot of mourning, we miss her so much. Mourning takes a lot of Qi. I was very exhausted when I came here, both emotionally and physically and it's been a long time ago that I felt so stiff in my body. This week have given me so much strength, I have not felt any grief here. I have been calm, stable and happy. I have never felt this stable in any course before. It's strange that it happens now. I really made an effort to have a good wish before every training occasion, and every exercise. I have experienced how it is possible to use the Qifeld and I am grateful that I have climbed up from the bottom of the mourning hole. To be here among all people who smile at me is wonderful!"

Able to quiet the mind

"Yesterday was the first time ever that I was completely empty in my head when we practiced, and it made a big difference. That was a big step for me."

Got rid of the pain in the arms

"My arms have become straighter. When I came here they were bent and I had a hard time to get them down or up because I have been shoveling snow this winter, every day for eight hours. Because of that I had a lot of pain. The pain is gone, like if they were massaged out from the body and the arms have been straightened in an unbelievable way."

A new level of calm

"I have experienced a calm feeling during some days that I have never felt before. It was exiting to reach a new level, to open the door slightly to something I can reach later on; I am grateful for that."

Charged after the dark winter

"The wintercourse comes just at the right time, after the winter darkness, when the days start to get longer and brighter. It's necessary to charge the batteries to get some energy for making decisions and to get things done. A lot of things tends to happen during these courses, both physically and mentally and I always take a step forward. I have a new job since august and in Finland you never have winter holiday during the first year, you have to work for two years before getting that. But there were never any discussion about it; I just left a note that now I'm leaving for Winter course in Bollnäs. I will not miss this for anything in the world."

A turning point for my lung injury

"In the end of the winter season I always get problems with an old injury in my lungs. I don't know if it is the darkness or if it is the cold, but I always notice it in January-February every year. I have joined the Winter course five times and it usually gets much better after this course. No exception this year, during this week I haven't been troubled by it. Very nice, I can almost make a note in my calendar that during the winter course it will be gone. It's nothing dramatic, but I need this week."

Reduced stuttering

"It has been a great experience for me to be here. I can concentrate better. In the beginning it was hard to practice but it got better. After a while my stuttering got better, probably because I feel calmer but it can be a combination of my newfound calm and other improvements."

Shenxin is like a whole new exercise

"I have practiced regularly at home after joining two basic courses. When I came here I thought that I would practice a little more on the details in the exercise and that I have done. Slowly I start to learn how to stand upright, but I still have a little left. All these details together have made such a big difference that it made me think this morning that: Is this another version of Shenxin than on the CD at home? Of course it's not, but that is how different it is in my body."

Can breathe well again

"I have been very sick for two years and with the help of Zhineng Qigong I came back to work again. I got a lot of help from this method. During this course I got rid of my problems in my sinuses. I did not have this problem now but I have felt how it has worked there and in my head and jaw. My back, shoulders, vision and hearing are good, I can breathe well now and that I haven't done for a very, very long time. It's like there almost is too much air now, I haven't gotten use to it yet. I have had this kind of personality that seek out excitement and challenge myself in everything I do. Almost on the border of what is healthy. I don't feel that urge anymore; it feels nice to get this calm."

No worries during the whole week

"I worry all the time but I have gotten much calmer here. I haven't been worrying even once during this week and that is fantastic. I am so glad to have been here."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen