Hold Qi up Cambridge [2010-02-20]

In Cambridge we could see the beautiful little snowdrops in the gardens even if it was just in the end of February. This was our third course in the old university town.

It was a course with a mixture of people from several countries as Germany, Finland, Sweden and of course Great Britain. Some of the participants had joined several courses before, even the summer course in Sweden. The new participants had the opportunity to ask them questions about that and some expressed their wish to join this summer or in the future.

Comments from the participants:

My migraine is better

"I learned a lot of new things even though I have done several courses before and it is so good to get help with corrections of the movements. I have got a lot of help from the qigong. I`ve got better control of my migraine and I can now for example eat butter which I could not have done for three years. Qigong makes life easier to live."

Nice to practice together

"It has been wonderful to share the day with you all and to have the possibility to practice together."

"I think a lot about qigong, even if I always don't practice and do the movements. It has been wonderful to be here on the course together with you all."

"Thank you so much for the course. It will inspire me to start to practice at home. Mentally it has been very inspiring. I think the group practice is an important thing to help people to be able to keep on with the qigong.

Strong qifield

"I wanted to be in the strong qifield so that's why I came to the course. This summer I went to my first summer course. At some periods it was tuff during the course. But then after the course I noticed that it was much easier for me to walk up the stairs and that the pain in my knee was not there anymore. I hope that I will be able to join both summer courses this summer."

"It feels good to have joined a course again and to be in the strong qifield."

Wellbeing in the body

"This is my first course. I can feel a kind of wellbeing in the body now after the course. I want to continue to practice."

More energy and better sleep

"I just love qigong. It has done so much for me. My energy level is higher, I sleep better and I can relate better to things around me. My kidneys function better and the pain I used to have in my knee is not there anymore. I have got good corrections of my movements during the course and my shoulders have got softer."

A tool for life

"This is my first course and I came here with some ideas about what qigong was and it has been confirmed during the weekend. I am going thru a life crises and it feels like qigong comes at the right time for me. It will be like a fantastic tool. My hope is that I will be able to join the summer course this summer."

Softer shoulders

"I am a beginner and it is quite fascinating to notice how much stress I have got in my shoulders and neck. During the course it has been like hot flushes through my shoulders and now I can feel that they have got softer."


Fatima Ringvall