Hold Qi up Turku [2010-02-13]

It was Valentine's Day during this spring's basic course in Hold Qi Up. Perhaps that contributed to the warm atmosphere at the course. The new participants got good and thoughtful assistance by their more advanced peers. New participants often find their way to our courses thanks to family members or friends who have practised Zhineng Qigong and who have had good results. This was also the case in Turku this time around. We also had a few new participants who had seen a local TV programme about European Zhineng Qigong Center and our activities in Turku. The name of the programme is Åktur and you can view it on line.

Åbo 100214_1

During this course we had several Finnish speaking participants even thought the course was held in Swedish. After our first course in Finnish held in November the interest among Finnish speakers has increased. The new participants at this course all understood Swedish but appreciated the possibility to ask questions in Finnish. Below is an excerpt from the participants' own comments.

New Motivation to Practise

"I have been involved for quite some time. How much I've practised has varied. I get a lot of help from these courses. After the course I have energy to practise again."

Hot Flashes Disappeared and Feeling More Alert

"My sister took me to my first course three years ago. But I didn't practise. When there was a course in Finnish last autumn I got interested again. After that I've taken part in the weekly practice group and I've practised at home five days a week. I sleep better. I don't feel the hot flashes that had started to bother me. And I'm more alert. A colleague also told me that I am more alert, when I put up a flyer about the course at work, and it became clear that I practise Qigong."

Can Do the Movements Despite Bad Knees

"I didn't know anything about Qigong when I saw a local TV programme about the group in Turku. It looked interesting, I thought it could suit me, and wanted to try. The price equals only two visits to a doctor and one has to try and see what works. I have problems with my knees but now I've realised that these movements don't harm the knees and it's good for shoulders and elbows."

Increased Control over Body and Less Stress

"I've practised for five years. In the beginning I had problems with the slow movements but then I started to enjoy it. It's a nice feeling to have control over the movements, to master the body. One feels less stressed then. I'm doing much better now than five years ago. To practise Qigong is a good start for the day."

Åbo 100214_2

Feeling Much Better

"I've also practised for about five years. I participate in all courses I possibly can and practise mornings and evenings because I feel that I need all the practice and all the help I can get during the courses. Five years ago I was in very bad shape and I'm doing much better now. But I don't only practise because I need it but also because it's a lot of fun. It's always nice to practise among my Qigong friends."

Pain in Neck and Head Disappeared

"I took my first course in 2007. Then there was a break until last November when I joined another weekend course. After that I've tried to practise every day. It's absolutely worth it. The practice keeps the upper body in shape. Before I used to have problems with pain in my neck and head. After the November course I was doing so well that I forgot about these problems."

Softer Body, Less Stress

"I've practised for quite a few years now. My body is softer and my posture is better. Problems with stress that have occurred have eased down. I can't remember everything that has improved. For example, a long time ago, I used to have problems with my feet, and as I started to practise less when I got a puppy, the problems reappeared. I notice what a big impact the practise has. Thank you for a good course!"


Jeanette Heidenberg