Hold Qi up Hamar [2010-02-13]

Half of the participants were beginners and the other half were more advanced students at the first course in Hamar this year. In Hamar we've had a training group for 1,5 years and several of the more experienced students practice regularly in the group. Some persons who couldn't attend the course this weekend still got very interested after the lecture that was arranged on Friday evening.

Below follows some comments from the participants

Pain in my back and pelvis

"I've had quit much pain in my back and my pelvis but the pain disappeared when I attended my first basic course. As I've worked a lot of overtime with much stress and due to strain with the snow I got the pain back. But already at the lecture the pain disappeared again and it's been gone the whole weekend. I feel that I'm mentally stronger and this time I managed to do the movements better than the first time."

Flexible in the neck and shoulders

"I'm continuing my education and that has been stressful. The course was different from what I expected. I got very good effects on my problems areas, neck and shoulders, that got much more relaxed."

Suffer from stress

"I'm often stressed and that has influenced my body. I've tried different training methods to get it away but it hasn't really worked out. I thought qigong might help me to relax in another way. I feel that many things have happened in my body and now I'm motivated to keep on practicing myself."

Mentally better and less pain in my arm

"I've felt bad for a while but I feel that a lot happened mentally yesterday. Today I feel better than I've done in a long time. I have pain in an arm due to an infection and yesterday I couldn't raise it properly. Today the arm feels better and I notice that I can raise it properly. I'm also interested in improving my ability to concentrate and I think that I improved my skills already at this course."

A lot of joy and benefit from qigong

"I attended my first course about six months ago and I've practiced almost daily. I've got a lot of benefits from the training. I've less pain and I'm more calm and balanced. I've actually been less sick and I've been more energetic. At work I've been less stressed in difficult situations. I experience this course much different from the first course. I learn new things. At my first course I thought it was much more difficult than this time but now I've learned more nuances"

Can to turn the head

"For about three years I've had manual therapy for the problems with my neck, shoulders and arms. The therapy has some effects but only for a short time. When a friend of mine told me about this course I got very interested and I wanted to come. I'm very happy for that. Now I can actually turn the head which feels like a great success. I will practice every day as I think it's very good for me."

Good to repeat

"The more details I see and the more I manage to do, the better the courses get. Usually I attend the group training with our nice group on Wednesdays evenings in Hamar and I'll continue to do so."

Less palpitation and more relaxed shoulders

"I came here to learn to relax. I know that I tense myself and I got a lot of nodes in my shoulders and neck. The training makes me aware of those nodes. That I can lower my shoulders is due to qigong training. I also have fewer problems with palpitation of the heart. I'm not that good at practicing at home but I attend the practice group in Hamar when I have the time. At this course I noticed that I've made many small mistakes in my training and it's good that I now know how to keep on practicing."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen