Hold Qi up Ljungby [2010-02-06]

The local paper in Ljungby, Smålänningen wrote an article about Zhineng Qigong the week before the course and several local calendars also noticed us. Therefore more people than usual came to the lecture at Friday evening. After the lecture some people decided immediately to attend the basic course. Other beginners had been recommended by friends and family to attend the course. There were also beginners recommended by a doctor to try Zhineng Qigong.

As always, we were well taken care of in Ljungby. For instance we were all invited to the contact person for lunch. Soup, bread, juice and apple cake, all homemade, tasted great!

Some comments from the participants

Burned out

"I attended my first course because I was burned out. I was like a new person the Monday after the course. Everybody around me reacted and noticed how positive I was, what a joy of life I had got. Monday morning when I was making coffee I did everything slowly. I don't know how stressed I had been before. Since that I've practiced in periods. I practice more after a basic course. "

Preventive measure

"I came here through my mother. I hope the training will prevent problems that are common in my future work. The course has been nice but hard at the same time. Yesterday evening I was first very energetic but then I got really tired."

Tinnitus, relaxation

"I suffer from tinnitus and I don't know what to do. I'm looking for a way to get rid of it. I hope qigong will help me to solve the problem. At work I sit by the computer all day and my shoulders suffer from that. I notice how stiff I am when I try to relax."

"I came here because I'm stiff and my joints need to relax. I think the course has been very good."

"I came here because I've been sick for a year. My doctor recommended me to come here. I told him that I had met someone that practiced Zhineng Qigong and he was very enthusiastic. He got up and started to do strange movements. I met a qigong friend a couple of days later and here I am now."

"It's been up and down but I've got a lot from the training. I've got rid of tinnitus, my toes have straightened up and other health problems have disappeared. I still have some problems but I keep on practicing."

Long history

"I've practiced different methods before but I don't really like when I have to go away from home to practice. I had heard about qigong and the long history and therefore I was curious. If qigong has been practiced such a long time it must be good."

Blood sugar

"Last week I was going to do some tests to my driving license. I have to do it regularly. It turned out that my blood sugar was very high, 10,5. I told my mother, she is a nurse, and she got really worried, like my last day was coming. I thought about it a lot during the evening. I didn't want to get diabetes. At night I couldn't sleep and I went up to practice. If I can't sleep, I usually do that. I practice the whole qigong CD one time but still I couldn't sleep so I kept on practicing. The following morning I went back to test the blood sugar. Then my blood sugar was 5! My mother said that it's impossible, that it can't sink that much, but it had! For me it's nothing strange because so many things have happened through the training.

Keep balanced

"I've always been very active and qigong is a good tool to keep balanced, it helps me to keep calm. It's inspiring to attend basic courses and meet everybody that has taken the step to struggle and attend a course. They are the heroes of qigong."


Angelica Berg