Shenxin Qigong Kungsängen [2010-01-16]

This year's first course in Shenxin Qigong was held in Kungsängen. Many of the participants came from other towns.

Below some of the participant's comments can be found:

Tinnitus, tiredness and stomach pain

"I suffer from tinnitus and have felt rather weak lately. Yesterday my tinnitus bothered me a lot during the training. But despite these problems I steadily started to feel better. I slept well last night and woke an hour before my alarm rang. Usually that does not happen. And today my stomach feels almost OK, after having had stomach pains for one and a half years."

Itching scar

"I have trained qigong for five years and this year I will also join my fifth Winter Course. I like this method very much, especially snake arm. If you have a lot on your mind and feel stressed it is nice to train snake-arm and La Qi. Last Thursday, a skin piece was removed from my cheek. The surgeon had to suture the wound and when we began with the training yesterday it started itching. Today I felt it again. I had the same feeling in my neck where I have an older scar. It gives me the suggestion of a healing process. Training Shenxin this time of the year feels good. Quite some time has passed since the last course and especially the summer course was a long time ago. It is nice to get started and at the same time look forward to the Winter Course."

Powerful exercise

"I have trained Shenxin for some years and joined the Winter Course last year. I hope I will be able to join the course again this year. This is my first time In Kungsängen and I impressed by the fact that so many have come from places far from here. I really like training Shenxin. Just as I hoped would be the case I feel calmer after having trained for a while. Snake-arm was really wonderful today. It was very powerful and now I am determined to train more snake-arm, may be also at work in order to increase my energy during work days."

Shenxin Qigong in Kungsängen January 2010

Less disturbing thoughts

"I feel more focused today than yesterday, when a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. I slept early and woke early. This morning I decided to join the Winter Course in Bollnäs this year. I like to be here."

Less stress and better relaxation

"It is hard for me to concentrate and I get easily stressed, which is the main reason why I train qigong. Shenxin is a good method for me because one has to concentrate more than during Hold Qi Up. I have asthma and this bothers me less when I feel calmer and relax."

Many improvements

"I started training Shenxin five years ago, and soon after a lot of things happened. I noticed that I could bend my body much more than before and put my hands on my feet in Hold Qi Up, which I was not able to during the five years I trained Hold Qi Up only."

Thoughts about myself

"It has been a fantastic course. I have gone through many thoughts about myself and it feels better now. I am more relaxed than usual."

Less fever and a more flexible hip

"I have had fever off and on since December. Yesterday I had fever in the morning and even more so in the afternoon. It felt hard. But when I woke up this morning the fever had disappeared and it has not come back. I felt something strange but it did not develop into a fever. During today's training I felt something in my hip. A tension has released and I am able to move my hip more easily."

Left side is unfolding

"This exercise feels good and I want to continue training Shenxin along with Hold Qi Up, which also feels good. The fact that we are learning the exercise in detail makes me feel confident. It is as if my left side, which is somewhat compressed, is unfolding."


"The training was very good and I really felt the Qi-field."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen