Hold Qi up Hangö [2010-01-30]

A delightful and happy group of people gathered in the historical "Butter magazine" in the harbor of Hangö where the snow swirled around the corners and the ice lay white and clear outside the wave breakers. The atmosphere was intimate and familiar when the participants learned Hold Qi Up during the weekend. One of the participants commented on that she had felt her wind pipes open up during the course and she could breathe better. Other comments were:

Balance, pressure in the eye

"The last course I attended was the best ever, but this was even better! I´ve gotten so much out of this course. My balance is better. I don´t even remember all the problems I had before, so much is so much better. I had for instance a pressure in my eye that I had to go for regular check-ups that is completely gone."

Osteoarthritis, one leg shorter, better sleep

"It´s been a long process, I have gathered 60 years of problems with osteoarthritis, one leg is shorter than the other and so on. It hasn´t happened anything over night with Qigong, it has taken some time, but the training is so good for the body and mind. I am happy that I can do something about my own situation and every course I attend I get more and more convinced of how good this is. I sleep much better after I trained for instance, I always had to take to sleeping pills earlier."


"... really, thank you! I don´t know what else to say, I´m just so happy that I joined this course."

Breath freely

"This was a really nice course. Qigong has helped me even this first course. I am so positive. When I breath now it feels like I´m breathing through an open pipe, I can breathe freely. I´ve always have had problems with it. I´m definitely going to join the group trainings on Mondays."


"I´ve had a lot of physical problems, it was due to breast cancer that I started to train Qigong. I had to start thinking about my health and Qigong has been an enormous support for me. I´ve gotten so much help especially with the mental part. I am more calm, it´s important for me... the mind. Right now I´m at a crossroads in my life and this course has been so important."

Physical damages

"I´ve had a lot of physical damages in my neck and shoulders, vertebrates, headaches. I got prescription after prescription and in the end I was so tired of that I had to rely on someone else to take care of me and on that road I found Qigong. It´s so good to know that I can accomplish something by myself for my health."


Camilla Heidenberg