Hold Qi up Stockholm [2010-02-06]

The first course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm this semester was arranged together with the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. The course took place in one of their beautiful halls called the Beijinghall. Just being there was a joy in itself. The participants in the course could also take part of our strong qifield, which intensified the experience.

Time went by quickly. The new participants learned the movements with good quality. They had a lot of help from the more experienced Zhineng Qigong students who gladly participate in our basic courses time and again.

From the participants comments:

Fast Improvements

"Improvements come fast when you practise this method. I've become a happier person and a better parent. I can handle most things in a better way then before."


"Since a started to practise qigong I haven't had a cold. My food allergy has improved a lot. Now I can eat spicy food, citrus fruit, mustard and ketchup. I'm much softer and lithe. It feels good."

Good Feeling

"It feels very good to be here. I always feel good when I practise."

Great Tool

"I think that zhineng qigong is a great tool. I can say that on the basis of my own experience and other zhineng qigong students I've met thru the years."

"Nice course and a great method. I have gained a lot from practising zhineng qigong."

Encouraged by family

"I'm happy that I joined this course. I haven't joined a course for four years and I haven't practised for about one year. I got some good corrections. I can notice a difference on my self when I practise and when I don't. My family sometimes say that it's time for me to join a course. The exercises effects more then you would believe."

Handle life in a better way

"I have practiced for some years. I try to think qigong in my every day life. This is something in which I greatly appreciate with qigong. It gives me a way to handle life in a better way."


"The social part of one of these courses is important for me. Even if I only have the possibility to come for one day I feel that this one day alone can give me some of the relaxation I appreciate with qigong."


"I am very stiff, but I became positively surprised to see that, even if practicing means that I have to bend down, I have been able to participate in everything."

Study without becomin exhausted

"When studying mathematics I have realized that I can work for long stretches of time without becoming exhausted and I don't become affected afterwards even when I have been sitting there for a long time working."


Lars Hagner