Shenxin Qigong Kalmar [2010-01-30]

After several years with courses in Hold Qi up we have now arranged our first weekend course with Shenxin Qigong in Kalmar. Some beginners participated in the course but several of the participants had joined a Shenxin course before, even if that happened a few years ago. The participants were focused and got some good results during the course.

Below you can find some of the participants' comments.

Urinary tract infection

"I have been to a Shenxin course 3 years ago and it feels great to repeat now, although I really should have done it earlier in order to better remember the details of the exercise. Yesterday I was in great pain because of a urinary tract infection, I never thought I could stand and train for several hours. I focused on the training, it became better and better, and after lunch all the pain was gone! In a way, I am happy about the pain, as it forced me to focus on the exercises which gave me better results. In the future I will be more focused when I train."

Pain due to poor circulation

"I joined the same Shenxin course 3 years ago but have been really sloppy with the training so when I came to this course, I felt as a beginner. I suffered from pains in my legs and arms where I have been diagnosed as having poor circulation, but I felt the effect of the training and later the pain disappeared. Today I felt very supple."

Practicing Shenxin Qigong in Kalmar 2010

Pains and rigidity

"This is the third or fourth time I am doing a course in Shenxin and it is great every time. I think the course is fun, and challenging because I cannot really do all the movements. I had a dip in my training after this year's summer course. It was great during the course and I had fun, but when I got home I felt grumpy and stopped practicing. It went well for one and a half months, but then a lot of my old problems returned and I got more and more migraines. Now I've worked my way back, with help from the training group in Kalmar. Yesterday when I came here I felt like a hockey player with full equipment, rigid, tense and large, today I am not! I have never experienced that before. After this weekend, I know that when I practice qigong, it can release the pain even during the training. I know that qigong helps me and now I'm on my way back."

Fun and comfortable

"This is my first Shenxin course and its been lots of fun learning something new. It has felt very comfortable in my body."

More alert

"I became very tired during the training and found it hard to stay awake, but very alert afterwards. During lunch I quickly solved a Suduko which I had not managed to do during several hours on the train. I think it's five years ago I participated in a Shenxin course and I had forgotten some of the details. I should not have waited so long before joining a course again. It feels good to get corrections and it's great that you can get better. It feels good that there are effective exercises to use when life is stressful and sometimes you only have a short time to practice."

Increased effect

"This is my second Shenxin course, I joined my first course around five years ago. It really is as some others have stated that you forget and need to rehearse. It's been great to be reminded of the details and doing the movements more correct. When I concentrate on the details I get an increased effect. It has been a great course; I will start training Shenxin and snake-arms now!"


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen