Hold Qi up Helsinki [2010-01-23]

The thermometer reached minus 20 degrees outside, but it was warm and nice inside of Brändö gymnasium in Helsinki during the basic course in Hold Qi Up. Many of the participants commented on the loving atmosphere and the strong Qi-field and the results didn't keep us waiting. One of the participants heard a sudden cracking noise between her shoulder blades and her pain disappeared afterwards. One other explained that she had had a writers block for a long time and after one day of Qigong the ideas and words came streaming out of her. Even though many of the participants didn't know each other they commented on how warmly welcomed they felt in the group.

Some comments from the participants:

"Qigong is to be happy."

Strong Qi-field:

"My back went on strike this morning, I hardly got out of bed, but it's a lot better already. It's been a long time since I practised in a group, it has been a fantastic feeling this weekend."

"This course came at a very convenient time for me, it was good for me to have some time to find myself again. I have so many new things going on in my life. It's strong here, my body is warm and I have a loving feeling."

"I feel soft and nice, lovely. I didn't sleep much during the night, but I haven't felt tired at all."

Helsingfors 100124_350

"I have become so much more at peace, so much has happened. I don't know many here, but I feel such warmth in this group."

"It's so lovely to meet all these wonderful people here."

Pain Disappeared:

"I have had problems with pain between my shoulder blades, but during La Qi I heard a sudden cracking noise between my shoulder blades and the pain disappeared afterwards. Incredible! I also have had a lot of back pains and a daily headache, but I don't need to eat any pain killers every day any more."

Better Balance:

"This has been a really nice course. I've gotten a lot of help with my problems with balance. I could hardly bend my head at all, but now I'm almost down at my feet."

"I have been a bit lazy, so I'm happy that I came now. I could stand without the support of my chair, the nerve in my leg seems to have grown longer. I'm so glad I came."

Blockages Opened

"This is the first time I am here. A lot of not so nice things have happened in my life and I have a lot of physical problems. I noticed that taking pills didn't work any more, so I had to find something else. I was really alert yesterday after the first day. I got a kick. I write a lot and I've had a writers block for a long time and last night ideas and words just streamed. I'm going to recommend this to everyone I know. I feel also that I have a lot of new friends here, I feel so welcomed in this group. Yes, and I noticed when I drove here that I can turn my head without any problems, I couldn't do that before!"

Calmer, More in Harmony:

"You always learn new things even if you've joined a lot of courses. This has been really good for me. I have become much more calm since I started practising, I was always a person who got really easily stressed."

"I joined the Summer course two years ago and I felt there that I got the tools I need to manage my life. I am a different person today, the evils of the world don't affect me too easily any more."


Camilla Heidenberg