Hold Qi up Nagu [2010-01-16]

The first course of the spring semester in Finland was held in Nagu. This beautiful archipelago town bid us welcome in its most beautiful winter dress. The trees in the lovely forest hill behind the course venue glistened with frost and were one reason in the good moods also inside the hall.

Nagu is one of the newer of our course venues in Finland and several of the participants attended their second or third course. They noticed mainly how good it is to repeat a basic course – not only for the substantial help they got in improving the quality of their movements. They were also grateful for the increased understanding and motivation to practice the course gave them, not the least because of the good results the participants shared with each other. Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments.

Taller Thanks to Better Posture

"As an adult of about 30, I have grown two centimetres. My posture has improved and my back is straighter."

Better Sleep and Concentration

"This is my third course and I participate in the weekly practice in Nagu. I feel better, I sleep better and my concentration has improved. Qigong is like a new friend, I can practise Qigong anywhere. I am very pleased, content and happy."

Reduced Pain in Shoulders and Head

"I have suffered from pain in my shoulders and head and during my first course, I was told that I should practise for three months to see if it helps. I have continued ever since. After the first course I was "hooked". Sometimes I have practised less and sometimes I have cheated a little. That's why it's good to join a course again. I no longer think about the pain in my shoulders or head every day, so it must have receded."

Nagu 100117 stor

Back Problems Significantly Better

"I have attended many courses. Before I started practising, my back problems were so difficult that I could not even travel to Helsinki. If I went to Turku to go shopping, it was so taxing that I had to get on the next bus back home. I was in such pain. During the Christmas holidays, I went to Helsinki and could shop for the whole day."

Calmer and Better Organized

"I have practised for many years. I started practising due to physical problems, but now I appreciate the mental effects of practising the most. Earlier I used to be anxious and worry a lot, but now I am much calmer. I used to, for instance, be afraid of being tardy. Now I can keep my calm even though I know I will be late. The world will not come to an end because of it. I have learned to plan what I do. I can address things one at a time and have faith that it will work out in the end. It is a good feeling. Even though the result may not be perfect, I do what I can. I can also multi-task. This has been a good course and I am proud of the participants from Nagu and the progress they are making."

Better Quality of Movement

"This was my third course. I am very satisfied. It has been amazing and fun to get to practise in Nagu. Now I have polished the details of the movements, especially with regards to my hands. It is such great fun."

More Motivation to Practise

"I have attended a course and a half of Hold Qi Up before. I experienced some resistance towards joining a course and I am positively surprised. I feel much better. Some things are improving. I get more out of the course when I do not have to think about each movement. I can enjoy it more. It has been two and a half years since my first course. At times I have practised more and at times less. Lately I have practised less at home and more in the group. Now I feel I would like to practise more at home and I am happy that I have not lost the inspiration. I believe in this method, also in a larger context. Since I am a bit lazy when it comes to exercising, I want to give this to my body. It feels good."

Increased Understanding

"I had attended a course in Hold Qi Up before and I found it amazing to participate a second time. This really opened Qigong up for me. It is all so much clearer and I feel fulfilled by this. It is so very lovely."


Jeanette Heidenberg