Hold Qi up Trondheim [2009-09-05]

The Trondheim Hold Qi Up course of the Autumn, the third course this year, was held in the glassed-in yard, spacy and with a lot of air, in a newly renovated industrial plant which was located near the city centre. We found ourselves in a rainy, windy and cold Trondheim, but that did not stop the participants from joining the lecture or coming to the course and as usual there was a warm and friendly feeling about the course. A new participant came to the lecture walking with crutches after having gone through surgery on Wednesday before the course. In the Saturday evening he no longer needed crutches and on Sunday he was able to straighten his leg as well as stand on his foot. Several of the participants that repeated the course had joined their first course last April and since then they have had very fine results. They also frequently attended the Eveining Training in Trondheim. Now they are looking forward to November because then Trondheim will see its first Shenxin Qigong course, and many have already reported an interest in the course.

Trondheim sept 09

Comments from the course

Peace and calm

"I feel great peace and calm. Yesterday during the training there were these banging sensations twice in my hips and something fell into place. Now everything feels nice and comfortable."

Knee surgery, crutches, energy

"This is the first time I join the course and I feel a nice flow in my body. I'm more relaxed and I'm calmer. I feel a lot of energy. On Wednesday I had surgery done to one of my knees, i.e. the meniscus etc., and when I joined the lecture on Friday my knee was swollen and it hurt, and I was unable to straighten the leg or stand on my foot, so I used crutches. Yesterday evening (Saturday) I no longer needed the crutches. Today I don't have any pain, it's not swollen and I can straighten my leg, as well stand up and walk."

Allergy medicine, tenonitis

"This Summer I almost completely managed without allergy medicine. Normally I'd have to start taking it in March or April and then I'd use it until October, but this year I have used it for only about twenty days throughout the Spring and Summer. My daily training was so-and-so, but not regular during this Summer. I haven't had any trouble with tenonitis (since 2007) after my last course in April. I feel calm and in control."

Calmer and mentaly clearer, tics, tenonitis

"I haven't practised regularly this Summer. Now, after the course, I'm much calmer and mentaly clearer. I've had a touch Autumn and yesterday on the course was the first time that I've been able to think about one thing at a time. My arms have been in a bad state this Autumn (tenonitis), but now after the weekend it feels fine. It improved on my previous Weekend Course as well. I also had problems with tics in my aye but now that's all gone."

Cold, allergy medicine, acupuncture treatment for 15 years, oestrogene therapy, minor hot flushes

"I had a cold yesterday when we started, but today I'm much better. Since the course in April I've had a lot of benefit from the training. I no longer use any allergy medicine, I've stopped having acupincture treatment – after fifteen years – and I stopped having oestrogene therapy. Now I only get these minor hot flushes."

Stressed out and lacking energy, it improves my work situation

"This is my second Weekend Course and I got a lot of benefit from this one. I'm calmer now , I have more energy and it improves my work situation in particular. Before my first Weekend Course I was stressed out and lacking energy, and this is no longer the case. I've got a lot of benefit from the Monday Evening Training. Zhineng Qigong is my training method."

Trondheim Erik 09

High levels of cholesterol, 100% ready for a new lease on Life!

"I joined my first Weekend Course in April, before that I had high levels of cholesterol and I suffered much from stress. I also attend the Evening Training here in Trondheim and two weeks after the course my cholesterol levels were much reduced. This is like getting a new lease on life! I'm a hundred percent ready for a new life."

Muscular tension

"I intend to continue my training. I have a very tensed mscles. One very interesting fact is that my arms have moved automatically during some of the excercises."

Calmer, lots of energy

"It was incredibly good to repeat the course and to have those little things corrected. I'm calmer and I've got lots av energy. Nowadays I practise daily, getting up at five a.m. and I practise before I go to work. My hands and feet are warmer, while before they'd always be cold. This is so positive!"

In touch with myself and with Nature

"It's been two fantastic days on the course. My body has moved and kept itself in order automatically. I have great trust in this training – one of the good reasons is that it lets you get in touch with yourself and with nature."


Elisabeth Öberg