Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2009-08-29]

The first Gothenburg Weekend Course of the term was held at Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet. A large number of people joined the lecture in the Friday evening and generally people thought that it was very interesting. One new participant who suffered from fatigue, felt Qi and she immediately felt energetic, and this fact contributed to her decision to join the Weekend Course. The course was fully booked as well and participants were in a queue system to repeat the course. On Sunday we were able to move to a larger hall, for the benefit of those waiting on the queue list – at least they would have one day in the Qi field. On the whole there was a very positive feeling about the course. The new participants were keen and they showed great focus on the exercises. Those repeating the course were very happy for the opportunity to join the course, partly to correct their movements, but mainly to join the strong Qi field and get a real boost of Qi. Our participants know that the Qi field is important for faster and better results as well as for development and understanding of Qigong. They try to join as many courses as possible. On the weekend we had a participant who travelled from Lund for a weekend in the Qi field.

Some comments from the course

"During the lecture I started to feel very energetic and I felt Qi right away."

Minor case of arthrosis

"It was a really interesting weekend. One very exciting thing was that I have this minor case of arthrosis in my thumband before it has caused me some pain from time to time. On one occasion it was hurting very much, but when we had the Qi regulation, the pain disappeared completely and now my thumb looks better."


"On this course I've been able to relax and I have no pain in my body anymore."

Arthrodesis of the spine

"I have many problems with my back and I've had arthrodesis done to it in a couple of spots. I was a little worried about how it would work but it worked great. It was very nice to be here."

Shoulders and stamina

"I have this problem with my shoulders and they have started to loosen up during the weekend. The fact that I've been able to stand up the entire weekend was fantastic."


"It's d**n nice to come here."


"I did a lot of work during the week so it was nice to come here."

No colds

"Before I started to practise two years ago, I'd cath colds all the time but I don't do that nowadays."

Important courses

"I came here from Lund because the courses mean so much to me. Before I started to practise I was in a very poor state and I've got very much help."

It's nice in the Qi field

"It's nice to repeat courses and it's nice to be in the Qi field."

Rid of Ulcerous Colitits, but the psychological benefits are the best things

"The greatest thing for me is that I previously suffered from ulcerous colitis with bleeding, and that disappeared when I started to practise Zhineng Qigong. But still I find that the psychological benefits are the best things."

Burn-out syndrome

"Seven years ago I got the burn-out syndrome and I have practised since then. I've improved a lot and I've found great calmness."

Heart feels lighter

"My body is much more supple and my heart feels lighter."

Annoying scar

"I have this annoying scar on my leg. The scar has improved a lot – you wouldn't expect a scar tissue like that to get any better, but this one has."


Elisabeth Öberg