Hold Qi up Kvänum [2009-10-10]

The Kvänum Weekend Course was held in nice premises in the centre of the town. The weekend passed by just as quickly as usual, with a very relaxed feeling about it and with many happy laughs. The lively training group of Kvänum got numerous additions among the new participants who found inspiration for further training in the fine results they had during this weekend.

Comments by participants

New participants

Arthrosis in the knee, standing straight, improved sense of balance

"My knee arthrosis has improved. I'm able to stand straight without getting pain in my back while previously I couldn't stand straight, and I was able to put my feet together and I'm more stable on my feet. I also have a better sense of balance."

Great shoulder problems

"I have great problems with my shoulders and I can feel that that area has loosened up a lot."

Arthrosis in the knee

"I'm diagnosed with arthrosis in one of my knees, I see a physiotherapist and I get shots of cortison about once every three months. But my knee feels better today.

Swollen, stiff and cold fingers

"What really made me glad – that's what I told my husband yesterday – is that my fingers have become so soft, they are softer and they've grown slimmer."

Repeating participants

Time goes too quickly

"Are we having a break now again? There is nothing but breaks all the time, time goes much too quickly."

An aid at your work

"I will practise more and more because I work as a masseuse and I can feel that I'm better able to help the person on the table when I practise. And it does make me calmer as well."

Poor eyesight, useless arm and shoulder, calmer

"My correction mate and others have told me that my shoulders are at the same hight today. Now I can raise my arm all the way up and I'm able to turn my palm, I couldn't do that before. My eyesight has improved a little since my last course."

Feeling cold

"Nowadays I feel less cold than I used to."

Negligent, in real pain

"I'm negligent about my training. When I'm in real pain I have the habit of joining a course and then I get better again."

No need for a naprapath

"I started to practise Zhineng Qigong in January this year and I've seen a naprapath about twice a year for the last ten years. In May 2009 I went there but there was no need to do anything. I'm scheduled to be there again in a fortnight but I'm going to cancel that because I don't need it anymore."


Elisabeth Öberg