Shenxin Qigong Bergen [2009-10-10]

As usual on the Bergen courses there was a beautiful, sunny wheather on this Shenxin course too. It was a little exciting to see how the new premises would work for the course. On the lecture there was a lady who had reactions from La Qi and she registered herself and her son for the course. It was a fine blend of seasoned and new participants, so the new ones got fine help and correction.

Comments from the course

"When I arrived at the course I had a cold, but today I haven't."

"The training is exciting. The thing is that you can develop the mental qualities as well."

"I joined the course to achieve a better balance between my mind and my body."

"The training opens up your mind. My wrists have been softer than they usually are."

"The training has so improved my sense of balance and my fitness it's incredible."

"My back has become stronger and more flexible."


Patrik Rastija