Hold Qi up Trondheim [2009-04-25]

Sunny outdoors, sunny indoors, with a sunny heart and a sunny mind

A lot of people showed up at the second Trondheim course of the term. All of the participants were new and there was no room left for those who wanted to join in to repeat the course. The course was held at Nidelven Spa, who treated their members to a Weekend Course in Zhineng Qigong to give them the opportunity to practise quality Qigong and to get good surroundings for Qigong in Trondheim. One participant joed and said that Zhineng Qigong had brought Spring with it to Trondheim – and we had beautiful, sunny wheather. Sunny outdoors, sunny indoors with a sunny heart and a sunny mind – that is a fitting description of the weekend which passed very quickly. The participants were very focused, they learned quickly and they helped each other with corrections in a very good way. During the weekend several of the participants had very fine results and some had results with a number of various problems. Now the Evening Training will continue once a week, led by our contact in Trondheim and there is likely to be a good turn-up.

Comments after the course

Low blood pressure

"I suffer from very low blood pressure and I can't manage very much in the morning time. For instance, I can't practise at a gym until in the afternoon. Yesterday late morning I felt very dizzy and I had to sit down while we did La Qi, but today it's much better, I stood up all morning, even while doing La Qi. It was a very good course with a fine mixture of practice and theory, and a thorough run-through. Now I'm very relaxed, similar to just before going to sleep."

Body and shoulders more supple

"Nothing big has happened, but this weekend my body and shoulders have become more supple."

Lumbago, stiff neck, not enough blood to the head, calm body

I'm so very glad that I applied for this course. I have great problems with my neck and back, it's lumbago. My neck has been all stiff and I've seen a doctor on account of my not getting enough blood up to my head. This weekend I felt a very quick improvement in both my neck and my back, and my body feels calm. My hand and feet are warm."

Shoulder regions

"It was a very fine course. I have great problems with my shoulder regions and I've heard this crunching sound in my shoulders during the training, but I've improved a lot on the course."

Great problems with neck and shoulders

"It was a very positive course. I have great problems with my neck and shoulders. I've practised other methods for about five years and I'm very fond of that, but on this course I did notice a major change in my neck and shoulders. I will continue to join the Evening Training."

Stress, neck

"I've been through a very stressful time. Now I'm very relaxed and my neck has improved."

Stiff neck and shoulders, through one of the arms, lumbar area and blood circulation

"I benefitted a lot from the course, Yesterday in the Saturday afternoon, the pain and the stiffness in my neck had disappeared. Today I've been having pain in my lumbar area but now there's this warmth radiating from my feet and through my entire body and I have no pain."

Asthma and allergy, pain in lumbar area, tenonitis since 2007

The lecture was really exciting. The course was very inspiring and it was a good way to learn. In the weekend I read on the homepage about improvements and I found personal cases about asthma and allergy, which I suffer from, and now I realize that Zhineng Qigong really can bring relief from these problems. Today I haven't used any medication and that worked fine. I also have these problems with my lumbar area, I'm always in pain when I walk or stand up, but today it worked very well. In addition to that, since 2007 I also had inflammation with nodes in the tendons of one of my arms, but today that has improved a lot."

Stress and tics in an eye, three-year tenonitis, lumbar area

"I got very much benefit from the course. On and off I've been having tenonitis - for a period of three years – and on this weekend that improved so that now the tendons aren't as tensed anymore. Also my neck is stiff, but that is better now as well. In addition I've suffered from stress, with these tics in one of my eyes. That exercise with closing your eyes slowly that we did, was helpful against the tics, which are less frequent today. Also I've had problems with my lumbar area, usually having problems standing still, but today that is improved, too."

Deformed joints, standing up, stiff shoulders

"Since last Autumn, I've been practising another method. I suffer from deformation to the joints. I found it very positive to be able to stand up for as long as I did during the weekend. In the Autumn my shoulder has grown worse but on this course it improved and so did my ability to use my shoulders."


Elisabeth Öberg