Hold Qi up Bergen [2009-03-28]

The Bergen Weekend Course was spent in the fine Sandsli school this time as well, with its nice and spacious premises. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky and Spring seemed to be getting nearer, but up on the mountain tops the layer of snow was still thick. Many people had joined up to be in the Qi field and get some extra energy before Spring, and two ladies flew all the way from Alta in the very north of Norway to attend the course. Several of those repeating had brought friends and aquaintancies who had become qurious about Zhineng Qigong, having heard about the results that may be achieved through training. The new participants were focused and learned the exercises very quickly. They were well taken care of by those who repeted the course and now and then there was happy laughter here and there in the hall.

Comments of the participants

Powers of concentration, temper, recall – clearer head – improved vision

"I joined my first course in November last year. On the whole you might say that my powers of concentration are better than they've been in the last twenty years, my temper is better and so is my recall, my head is clearer and my vision has improved."

Locked hip

"I haven't had any pain in my hip, while yesterday it was totally locked. Also it feels as if all of my dead brain cells have disappeared."

Hay fever, back pain, cold, resiliance to stress

"I have practised for a year and I've got rid of hay fever, my back doesn't hurt, I don't catch colds anymore, I'm more able to deal with stress, I'm calmer and I treat my children better."

Good company, nice and warm

"It was a very fine course, very good company and I felt nice and warm here."

Back and knee

"I have a bad back and a bad knee and in just these two days I've found strength in my back."

Flexibility and blood circulation

"Something has happened in my body, I've gained a better flexibility and improved blood circulation."

"This weekend I got a strong blood circulation and I've discovered a lot of muscles that I didn't know existed."


"Last night I had such a good night's sleep. Pulling Qi is very exciting."

Higher quality of life

"Starting out with Zhineng Qigong is the best thing I've done and through that I've also managed to get better structure in my life. I'm more positive and my temper has improved and I think less."


Elisabeth Öberg