Hold Qi up Turku [2009-11-14]

In mid-November we held our first course taught in Finnish. It was highly appreciated by the participants, and the beginners especially commented on the nice and welcoming atmosphere. Some of the repeating participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to practise Zhineng Qigong in their own language.

Even though this was our first course in Finnish, we have organized courses in Finland for over 10 years. The beginners had good support from their more experienced course mates and many experienced good results already during the course.

Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments.

Pain in Shoulders and Neck Reduced

"I have practised Qigong for some years. Gradually, I started to practise more regularly and now I practise almost daily. I also participate in our practice group. Thanks to Qigong, the pain in my shoulders has subsided and my back is straighter. The course was good and I feel good. It is worthwhile to keep on practising."

Only Zhineng Qigong Could Help My Bad Back

"I attended my first course 4.5 years ago. The reason for me taking up Qigong was my bad back. It clearly limited my mobility and my life. The doctors could not tell me what the reason was. I tried yoga, acupuncture and zone therapy, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, I tried Qigong and I could immediately feel that it was different from the other things I had tried. Gradually, I started to feel better and my bad back is now history. Qigong also helps me when I feel a flu coming on."

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Avoided Neck Surgery with the Help of Zhineng Qigong

"When I started practising Zhineng Qigong 10 years ago, my life was in chaos. My shoulders, neck and back were in bad shape and hurting. No medication could help and it looked like the only solution was to have surgery. I had not slept properly for eight years. My life was changed completely thanks to Qigong. I am no longer in pain and neck surgery is completely out of the question. I also sleep well. Qigong has made me happy."

Mucous Membranes Moist Again

"I suffer from dryness of the eyes and mouth. When we practised La Qi during the course, my eyes and mouth were moist again for the first time in a very long while. Today I feel light. I am grateful for this course."

Tools to Manage Every-day Life

"I feel like this course has given me the tools to better manage my day-to-day life."

Support while Recovering from Cancer Surgery

"After I had undergone surgery for cancer, my body told me to find a calm form of practice to help my arm. I also understood that I would have to slow down my hectic life style. After I started practising Qigong, my arm has stayed well and I can keep calmer even though work can be stressful. Zhineng Qigong is a good method also because you can practise it anywhere, also in very small places. For me it is important to get to practise with my Qigong friends."

Feels Good

"On Saturday, my neck hurt, but now I feel warm and good."


Nice Atmosphere in the Course

"The course was pleasant, the teaching was good and the atmosphere was calm and nice."

Nice to be Taught in My Own Language

"This is my second course. When I heard that a course would be arranged in Finnish, I immediately decided to participate. The teaching was really good and it was nice to be taught in my own language. Now I intend to start practising again."


Jeanette Heidenberg