Hold Qi up Vasa [2009-11-07]

During the lecture before this fall's course in Vasa, the first snow gently fell outside the window. The practice group in Vasa is constantly growing, and this clearly affects the results reported by the participants. We can also notice an effect on the number of participants in the lecture before the course, even though not everybody had the opportunity to participate in the actual course this time. More and more people are interested in Zhineng Qigong, often because they have family or friends who have been able to improve their health by practising Zhineng Qigong.

The group that had gathered to take the weekend course was the usual mix of beginners and repeating students. The course was calm and harmonious and we had time to both practise the movements and briefly discuss the philosophy behind Zhineng Qigong. Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments after the course:

Severe Back Pain Gone, Tinnitus Gone and Less Problems with Acid Indigestion

"I started practising Qigong a year ago. My goal was to be able to drink alcohol again, because I suffered from acid indigestion. I can drink a little wine now without having a shivering fit and nausea. I have also had back problems for many years. I have felt as if I had a knife in my back and I was diagnosed with a slipped disc. Since I started practising Qigong, the "knife" is gone. I have also suffered from tinnitus, which was like constantly having a truck rumbling in my head. This disappeared in August this year. You do not have to believe in Qigong, it works anyway!"

Back Problems Alleviated

"I had severe back problems in 2008. Some days I could not even get out of bed. This time around I got more out of the course than I did last time when I was a beginner. I have both been swimming, walking and practising Qigong. Some of these methods have helped me get better, but I do not know which. Now I will start practising Qigong more eagerly in order to get even more alert."

Vasa 091106_350

Better Eye-sight, Healthier Back and Neck and Less Stress-Related Stomach Problems

"Since I participated in the Summer Course this year, my eye-sight has improved and my back is better. I can sit still in a chair for a longer time than I could before. There used to be a horrible cracking noise in my neck when I turned my head. It is much better now. I had stress-related problems with my stomach last winter and this summer. I have not had any such problems at all lately, so it is much better."

Shoulder Improved, Stronger Confidence and Has the Energy to Ride a Bike

"I used to have problems with my shoulder before. I tried many different things to improve it, but nothing helped. Now it is much better since I started practising Qigong and I have almost no problems at all now. For many years now, I have noticed that I am stronger and feel more confident. I have ridden my bicycle for many thousands of kilometres this summer and I do not even feel tired afterwards."

Qigong Helps with Cancer Rehabilitation

"In the year 2008 I had a rash on my legs and I would have nose-bleeds 2-3 times per day. This disappeared after a few months when I started practising Qigong. I took ill during the fall of 2008. I had the same symptoms and was diagnosed with cancer. About this time last year I needed a walker and I did not practise at all last winter. I started practising again in April. Then I could not reach farther down than to my knees. But now I can put my hands on the floor. I feel better thanks to the medication and Qigong."

Improved Tennis Elbow

"I started practising a year ago. I have suffered from a tennis elbow but it is better now."

Lactose Intolerance Disappeared, Asthma Gone and Tolerance Increased

"I was helped with my stress-related stomach problems almost immediately when I started practising Qigong. Before, I had to eat a lot of different pills to function during the day. I could stop taking them after having practised for 5-6 months and the lactose intolerance also disappeared. I used to have migraines in the spring and fall, but I do not have them any more. I had to take pain medication every month, but I rarely do now. I had symptoms similar to asthma and I was trying out asthma medication, but it did not help. After two years of practising Qigong, I had a check-up and my doctor stated that I my asthma is gone. Now, I am working with the mental side of things. I am much more tolerant to stress now. I'm keep on fighting!"

Fewer Migraine Attacks

"I have practised for four years. Last year during the course I had a migraine attack and I felt really bad, but it passed faster than they usually do. I have only had one attack since then."

Had Pain Relief and Breathes Easier

"I have practised Qigong for four and a half years. My posture is better since I started practising and now I am two centimetres longer. I have suffered from a tennis elbow for about 15 years, which has brought me much pain. It is much better now. I have been able to reduce my pain medication by 80-90%. I have also had problems breathing because of my asthma. After the Summer Course I do not have problems breathing any more. I am very grateful for this. I used to be very stiff before I started to practise. My body is much softer now. I also sleep better than before."


Jeanette Heidenberg