Hold Qi up Kalmar [2009-11-21]

Högalids folkhögskola hosted this autumn´s Hold Qi up basic course in Kalmar. A happy bunch of people gathered and worked together to learn or deepen their knowledge in Zhineng Qigong.

A woman who participated in her first course one and a half months ago, reported with great thankfulness that she had been able to stop medication for an inflammatory disease which was diagnosed as chronic. Thanks to her qigongpractice she had become much more alert and did not consider herself chronically ill anymore.

From the participants comments:

Cold Fingers

"I always feel better when I have practised qigong, even when I feel good to start with. I will write "practise" in my schedule. This course I had problems with cold fingers. Now they feel much better."

Asthma, Fibromyalgia

"This is my sixth weekend course. When I started I had problems with asthma and fibromyalgia. Now I don´t have these problems!"


"I started to practise qigong six years ago. I practise every morning before work. My husband wakes me up so that I have time to practise, he knows that I become a nicer person when I practise!"

Chronic Pancreatitis

"I have practised qigong for two and a half years. I had problems with gluten, lactose and I got chronic pancreatitis. I got depressed. My sister found qigong and we participated in a basic course. I attended a Summer Course in 2008 and my life changed during that course! I was really weak, felt sick and had a chair behind me just in case. After a 40 minute practise I felt great. After that Summer Course I haven´t become as ill as before. Qigong has also helped me mentally, I don´t consider myself chronically ill anymore."

Chronic Inflammatory Illness

"This is my second course. Linda advised me to try qigong. I had a chronic inflammatory illness. After my first course I reduced my medication. Qigong has helped me a lot. Today I don´t need medicine. I am much more vital and not chronically ill anymore."

More Alert, Calmer

"Participated in my first course about six years ago. I was tired then, studied, worked and had small children. After my first course I felt a great difference, I was more alert and felt calmer for about four months."


Lars Hagner