Hold Qi up Borgå [2009-11-07]

It was kind of a Christmas atmosphere at the course in Borgå this semester. Snow was falling, the twilight came early and there were lights in the windows. When the days get shorter it's good to fill up with more qi. The participants had a great fighting spirit and we practiced much at the course. There was also time for breaks with nice tea that the participants brought. The course took place the same weekend as the Father's Day so some of the participants were going to visit their fathers after the course.

Some comments from the participants

Calmer and happier

"I haven't noticed any dramatically improvements but I like the training. It makes me calmer and happier and I'll continue to practice."

Less restless

"I think the training makes me less restless. I think this is a good mental training as well. My body is skew and hopefully qigong will help me. I like the atmosphere and the training is a chance to take a break. I don't know if I'll practice daily. Usually I'm not good at that but still I've never had as many problems as now. I'm forced to be humble and to practice.


"I have tried many different methods before which I had planned to practice at home but I haven't. I like to be in a group. It has been nice to be here this weekend. Yesterday after the course I was very tired and I yawned a lot but then suddenly I felt very energetic and I cleaned the whole house. Obviously something happened. I would like to come to more courses."

Handle everyday life

"It's good to have the group. Even though I don't practice that much I notice that I can handle the everyday life better. I have more energy and I can handle stress better. I recommend everybody to practice even though I don't practice that much myself."

Less fighting

"I practice about five times a week. I notice that I'm less stressed and I don't fight with my kids that much."

Pain in the arm

"When I started to practice I had severe pain in one of my arms but the pain has disappeared and now I can knit as much as I want to. When I first heard about the summer course I thought it was crazy to practice that long time. But then I went there and I got so much from the course. The training feels completely different now. I don't have to put that much effort to practice."

Feels good

"This is my first try. A friend of mine has told me a long time that I should practice. I have a high speed in my everyday life, my sleep is poor and I stress a lot. Qigong sounds good. The training feels good for my body. It has been good for me."


Angelica Berg