Hold Qi up Stockholm [2009-11-07]

Every semester we have two basic courses in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm. This weekend our second course took place. We are looking forward to Hold Qi Up 2 later this semester. During the weekend the participants had the possibility to improve their movements, meet other qigong students, practice in our strong qifield and devote two days to get a higher ability to use the body and mind in a good way for their health.

Some comments from the participants:

Back Pain

"I started to practise because of back pain. A friend who thinks qigong is fantastic recommended me to go. It was worth a try because I hardly could get out of bed. I joined a basic course and my back pain disappeared during that course. My advice is to try to get a habit of practicing daily. My thoughts and mind get calmer and my body softer and calmer. I sleep better when I practice qigong."

Practising at Work

"At my workplace we have practised qigong for about ten years. We borrow a conference room and practise there. Attend a longer course if you want to learn more about qigong. You get a deeper understanding during the longer courses"

Never Cold

"This weekend has past very quickly. During the course I had a tingling feeling in old scares. Practising at home is very important. My body became softer when I started with qigong and I never have colds anymore. If I overstrain myself when I do gardening I just practise little extra and the problems disappear. I recommend everybody to keep on practising."

Better Day When Practising in the Morning

"If I practise in the morning I feel so much better when I come to work. This course has passed extremely fast."

"If I practise in the morning I can clearly feel that I can handle stress much better during the day. My concentration level gets much higher too."

Sthlm nov 2009

Time Passed Quickly

"I'm here because a friend introduced qigong to me. I think this will suite me well. I'm surprised how quickly time has passed during the course."

Forgot Ailments

"I forgot all my ailments. I don't want to put energy to think on them. I lost interest in diseases."

Tense Arms

"I'm happy that I came here and I think it has been a great course. My arms were very tense when I came. Now they are much softer. During La Qi I had a tingling feeling in my hips."

Handle Everyday Situations

"My whole life changed when I started to practise qigong. It's a great tool to have in everyday life. I'm calmer and I can handle all kinds of situations in a better way. The scars from an old burn that I got when I was one year old has almost completely disappeared. That makes me fascinated."

Calm and Spry

"I feel calm and spry. Thanks for this weekend."

Life Quality

"Qigong means a lot to me. My life quality improves when I practise qigong."


Johannes Nordgaard