Shenxin Qigong Helsingborg [2009-10-31]

The participants at the course in Shenxin Qigong in Helsingborg were delighted that the course took place in their hometown. Everybody had practised Hold Qi Up for some time so they learned the new movements quickly and the concentration level was high from the start. During the breaks we drank tea, ate cookies and everybody was in high spirits.

Some comments from the participants

Grateful for Qigong

"I'm very satisfied with the course. I'm grateful and happy that I learned another good qigong method."

"I've been looking forward to this course for a long time and I'm happy that I could participate. It's been two wonderful days. I feel full of qi."

"I'm very grateful that I found this qigong school. Shenxin Qigong seems to be a good complement to Hold Qi Up. Thanks a lot for a great course."

Mental and Physical Improvements

"It's been a great course. Qi has worked on a lot of places. I sleep well when I practise qigong. A couple of years ago I could lie awake for hours before falling asleep. I've got many mental and physical improvements. I can handle stress much better and I have a better ability to concentration. My problems with pain that I had for years is gone, constipation belongs to history and my immune system is better. My cat allergy is gone."

SxQ Helsingborg

Different Feeling

"It's been a really nice course. After I started to practice Shenxin Qigong I got a different feeling when I practise Hold Qi Up, It's a positive new feeling."

Warm Shoulders

"My shoulders have been warm during the course. I got corrections that were really good."

Good Corrections

"I have participated in a few courses in Hold Qi Up. The last time I joined a course Shenxin Qigong was one and a half years ago. It was very good to repeat all the movements."

"It was very nice to repeat all the movements and to get corrections. During the course it has been a lot of activity in the areas were I have pain in my back."

"Even though I have attended a lot of basic courses and the Winter Course there are a lot of corrections to be made. It's interesting that it's such a long process. There is always something new to learn."


"It's been a fantastic course with a lot of qi. It strikes me how much easier it is to concentrate isn a course compared to practising at home."


Johannes Nordgaard