Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pojo [2009-10-15]

Our second Autumn Course in Finland was arranged in the beautiful Fiskars area. We lived and practised for four days in a course centre by a lake in the forest. Just like the Summer and Winter Courses, the Autumn Course consists of both instructed and optional practice sessions. The participants could practice on their own both in the morning and in the evening, and especially the evening sessions were appreciated. You get to practise in the rather dark training hall, where there is quiet and calm and a strong Qi field. For many this is a very special experience.

Höstkurs 2009 gruppfoto

About half of the participants had attended a Summer Course earlier. Out of the others, many participated for the first time in a course where we also live together. The spirit of togetherness with other Qigong practitioners is an important contributing factor to the feeling of joy, harmony and comfort that characterizes our courses with boarding; this was the case in this year's Autumn Course as well. The practise sessions were interleaved with short lectures and on Friday evening we arranged a social gathering. Many took the opportunity to delight the others with a song, a poem or a funny story.

From the answers to our questionnaires, we can see that out of the participants who suffer from pain, 81% experienced reduced pain after the four days. Many other good results were achieved. Please read excerpts from the participants own comments and see the statistics in the graph below.

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From the participants comments:

About the Autumncourse

"There are many wonderful people on this course."

"I started practicing to get more life-force and more staying power. My experience tells me that I can get this from Zhineng Qigong. The more I practice the more I get. I can enjoy practicing now as I did when I started, but I am much more harmonious and I get more energy from practicing now than before. It is very relaxing to be on this autumn course. It is nice to just be able to concentrate on practicing, eating and sleeping."

"It has given me much to come here and increase my understanding of qigong and the mental part of qigong and why we practice."

"I want to thank everybody involved with this autumn course, I greatly appreciate your effort and the lecture and the practice has given me much."

About the Summercourse

Coming to a summer course was a great turning point. Before it was as if I just had bought half the package, but after the summer course it was as if had accepted the whole package. There I got knowledge of how the mental and physical are linked together and how we can evolve on many different levels with qigong. It is very nice with the great feeling of happiness I get after a course like the summer course. It is a feeling of being free and more alive on many levels."

"My first summer course was in 2006. I experience the course as a charging station. That is the picture I get from that course. For me it was a great experience. I personally use the qigong group as a reference group and this is important because I work a lot alone in my job and I feel very lonely there. I always get such a warm and welcoming feeling when I'm together with these people and this is something I don't experience in my everyday life. I also have gotten many physical improvements, but the mental part is more important to me, that is why I choose to talk about that instead. I always have the photo from the last course on a table surrounded by flowers. The picture from this autumn course will be put there when I come home."

Höstkurs 2009 träningssal

"I am very happy to be able to fight for my own health. This is something I greatly appreciate with qigong. I joined this year summer course. I usually get homesick when I am away at such arrangements, but on the summer course I didn't get it at all. After being on a summer course this autumn course feels very easy and I can enjoy practicing."

"My first summer course is something of the most awesome I a have ever experienced and after that I have travelled there every year. This is my first autumn course and for me this is a fantastic opportunity to have such a great course here in Finland. I want to come back here as often as I can. I have noticed a much better basic mood and I smile and laugh a lot more and am more content with my job."

Back, Fibromyalgia

"I have to say that for every course I join I learn a lot. It all goes very slowly, but it sinks inn. I have had massive problems with my back and with fibromyalgia. This is something qigong has helped me with a lot. Qigong has become an important part of my life."


"Since long time I have been troubled with backache. I hoped that the calm and easy movements of qigong might help and they did. Over time the pain has reduced and the back became better, much better. This was what I expected from qigong, but I never knew that it would have such a positive effect on my life in general.

Tennis elbow

"For many years I have had a tennis elbow. My elbow is now much better and I have been able to reduce my pain medication with 80-90% after I started practicing. I haven't had a cold of fewer during the four and half years I have practicing Qigong. And I sleep a lot better now. It has happened a lot."

Group training

"I just want to say to everyone that if I don't come to practice with you in the group you have my permission to call me, send mail and even come and pick me up and drag me there."

Höstkurs 2009 vy1

Alert in the morning

"I have practiced every morning for about a year now. I feel very fresh and awake in the mornings and that is something I haven't experienced before. The lecture here has made me more observant on how I react to different situations. For the first time for a very long time I have felt naturally sleepy when I go to bed and I slept the whole night without waking up."

Calmer and less Stressed

"I have become calmer and less stressed."


"For every course I join I get more and more respect for the method on many different levels. But most of all I have enjoyed the possibility of being here to practice. This is something new for me. It has been difficult to enjoy practicing before. La Qi and qiregulation where very hard for me in the beginning because I found it hard to concentrate and I got restless. But now I can enjoy the training and it is very nice. I feel that I am in good hands here, kind and helpful people supporting me the whole way, both teachers and students."


"I like being able to practice so much. My headache is much better; basically the chronicle headache has disappeared."


"When I started practicing I had large problems moving my arms, it's not like that anymore. It is hard to believe it is the same arms I have today."

Universal love

"The universal love you get here does great miracles for us all."

Qigong in daily life

"I use Zhineng Qigong in my daily life. I have a toolbox with me every day. I think a lot qigong in my life. It happen a lot of things which I can't control in my life, but I can handle them in many different ways. Good or less good. It is this kind of knowledge I appreciate with Qigong."

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Lars Hagner