Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2009-10-17]

The Shenxin Qigong weekend course of the autumn did as usual have a lot of participants. Somewhat unusual was the chill in the training hall. It was mainly noticeable in the beginning of the course. After some training the participants got warmer and the temperature didn't trouble the participants that much.

Below some of the participant's comments:

Warm body and easier to sing

"I have joined some Shenxin courses and think that these courses are good. I practice Shenxin at home, but need a push in the right direction as well as some corrections. The hall has been a little cold but as soon as we regulated the body I felt warm – especially in my hands. Snake-arm is very effective for getting warmer. I also feel that it is much easier to sing in my choir nowadays. Breathing is easier, I can hold my tones for a longer period of time, can sing higher notes and get more support from my stomach region. Very nice. I look forward to joining the winter course next year."

Handle mental troubles

"I really like Hold Qi up, but even more so I like Shenxin Qigong. I joined the winter course this year and hope that I will be able to join next year too. The training is very good since it really goes deep and helps me handle some mental stuff."

Want more

"This is my third basic course and I want to join the winter course. I want more of this."

Deeper relaxation

"It's been a while since I joined a weekend course, so I have really enjoyed this one. My greatest challenge is my disturbing thoughts. The chill has been a challenge, but it made me focus more on relaxation. I'm better able to do that now."

Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm October 209

Nice exercises

"Shenxin and Snake-arm are exercises that I practice every day. They are very strong and powerful. Snake-arm is very comfortable, gives a lot of qi in a short while and you do not have to practice for a long while."

Relaxed and energetic

"I feel very nice. I was able to relax my knees and waist. I can also feel that I have gotten more energy."

Deep sleep and woke up early

"I felt a tingling sensation in my whole body, especially my back and fingers, during the course. Yesterday evening I did practice Shenxin, I fell asleep and slept deeply but woke up very early."

Got rid of palpitations

"Snake-arm was difficult for me to begin with, but today it is my favorite that I practice a little now and then. Two years ago I became ill. Breathing felt difficult and I got palpitations whenever I did small inconsequential things. My doctors were not able to find out what had happened and during the time they investigated things I became worse and worse. This was just prior to the winter course two years ago. I went to the course and after a few days of practicing Shenxin all day long the troubles disappeared. I was able to practice in spite of my troubles in the beginning of the course. My eyesight has also improved, I can see better now than when I was 20 years old. I just keep getting younger and younger."

Strong course and bright training hall

"It's been a nice course. The training hall was wonderful with the nice light coming in through the windows. I have felt that my body has become more agile. You can feel that these courses are strong."

Calm and at peace

"I feel very calm and at peace after this course."

Enough energy to be social

"I've been tired during many years. Even during and after these courses. I have suffered from dizziness and been feeling sick to my stomach for a long time. But during this course I've not been tired at all. I slept well, was able to join the practice the whole time and was almost not dizzy at all. It was great fun to be able to socially active again after all these years."

Strong qifield

"When I joined the winter course earlier this year my knees became hot and glowing when the qifield was strong. I immediately felt the same thing when I joined this course."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen