Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2009-10-10]

During the weekend course in Hold Qi up in Kungsängen we had above all participants that had practiced Hold Qi up for more than a year and also had participated in summer courses. There were some exceptions as one of the participants was a beginner that had travelled all the way from Alta in northern Norway to join the course. The beginners got a lot of support from the more experienced participants when it came to learning the movements, but also by listening in on their experiences of practicing qigong.

Some of the participants' comments can be found below.

Reduced stress - increased relaxation and circulation

"I came all the way from Norway and wanted to join the course since I have a lot of problems with stress. I even suffer from migraine and psoriasis. All these things are stress related. I also have poor blood circulation in my legs and that gives me so called growing pains. I have noticed that many things have happened during the course. During our last training session I felt a tingling sensation in my calves and under both feet. Yesterday, when I came to the course, I had already gotten a migraine attack but I did alright anyway and today I have no migraine. I felt stressed after standing for so long but was able to do so without a lot of pains. Eventually I was able to stand in the right way and from that point onwards things worked out for me. A lot of fantastic things happened to me during the course so I'm confident it will help me deal with many of my problems. The thing that meant most to me is that I can get an increased calm. Usually I'm unable to relax, but at this course I was able to relax even when standing. I've imagined that the only way I will be able to relax is lying in a bed focusing on relaxing – and that never works. Now I was able to relax standing up. I have also felt that the circulation in my body is increasing, especially in my legs and neck."

Nice training

"I live in Stockholm and spend quite some time on practicing qigong and joining these courses. I think it is well spent time and that I get a lot back from these hours. It has been a nice course with nice training."

Hold Qi up in Kungsängen October 2009

Neck less rigid

"I live in Lund but came here to join a course since qigong has helped me a lot. Before starting qigong my neck was rigid, I was not able to turn my head at all. After the first day on my first course I was able to turn my head about 45 degrees. After that I have experienced a lot of positive changes."

Better mood

"I have practiced for a couple of years and good things keep happening to me. My mood improves and my body becomes more agile."

Improvements in the back

"It's been a good course and my body posture has been corrected especially the way I hold up my head. It has lead to things happening in my problematic back."

Training feels better after corrections

"I've been practicing for a little more than 1,5 years and have been rewarded with a lot of good results that you can read about in my personal story. During this course I got a lot of good corrections. When I change the way I practice in accordance to those corrections I immediately feel very different. It feels much better."

Reduced back pains

"My back hurts less. I always suffer from pains in my neck and back – it is my big problem. The pains are there even today, but much less than yesterday."

Need a lot of training

"Finally, my wife made me join this course. My wife has been doing this for a while and I wanted to see what it was all about. I do not have any physical complications that I want to get rid of, but I did notice that I need a lot of training in order to do things the way they are supposed to be done. I will practice at home and even join the evening groups."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen