Hold Qi up Lund [2009-10-03]

This Autumn's basic course in Hold Qi up in Lund had a calm, easygoing feeling about it, undaunted by the strong Autumn winds that swept across the plain throughout the weekend. New participants seemed to find their way about easily and some of them were surprised over the fact that they were able to participate in learning and training for a whole weekend.

Comments from the course

"I feel much more energetic."

"I think the courses are great and I think I've become much calmer and more harmonious."

"I feel energetic. I don't feel so much stress anymore, and I can't remember the last time I caught a cold. I used to have these problems with my back, lumbago and isciatic pain, and those are gone. And I guess there is even more!"

"I suppose that on the whole I'm happier. The world seems a little more beautiful, I'm less stressful. In terms of physical trouble, I've had pain in my lumbar area, but that's gone now."

"Qigong has meant very much to me because I was in such a poor state when I started out two years ago, both physically and mentally. It has helped me in both respects, incredibly much."

"Yesterday when I went home after the course, I felt very enrgetic. I started cleaning up at home! I thought I'd be tired and I figured I'd go to bed, but I couldn't! I am happy, and I'd like to thank you for this course."

"Yesterday I thought I'd never be able to sleep again (all laughing), I felt so energetic."


Max Björkström