Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2009-10-24]

The basic course in Hold Qi Up in Bollnäs was framed by typical autumn weather, it was gray and foggy, good weather for staying inside in a strong qi-feld. The more advanced students helped the beginners in a good way.

Comments from the participants:

Slept well last Night

"I'm a beginner. I slept well last night."

Well Being

"I experience a quite nice feeling of well being. It feels like I'm standing in the sun light here."

Stress, full of Energy

"I have a very stressful situation at work. If I hadn't had qigong I would have been one of all those burned out people. When I get home from work and my head feels full I practice and that makes me balanced. When I came home from the course yesterday I was full of energy and I'm happy for that."

Stress, Anger, Sinus

"When I started to practice I was easily stressed and angry. With qigong I've calmed down. I suffer from problems with my kneecap but when I practiced today it went back to its right position. At the group training lately I was free from the severe block that I've had in my sinus for a couple of weeks."


"I don't get as angry anymore."

Learned a Lot

"I've learned a lot even though it's not my first course."

Sorrow and Troubles

"I've gone through many sorrows and troubles over the last years. If I hadn't had qigong I wouldn't have been able stand upright. It has helped me mentally."

Legs Better, Allergy, Migraine

"I can relax better now in my hip, which makes the legs feel better. My animal allergy and migraine have improved."

Brain Tumor, Cold Feet

"I've been sick for a year. I had surgery for a brain tumor three months ago. I notice that qigong gives me peace and my feet, that usually are cold, are warm."

Sleep Better, Softer, More Flexible

"I sleep better. Physically I'm softer and more flexible now compared to when I was 35, which is 30 years ago."


Lars Hagner