Hold Qi up Arvika [2009-10-17]

European Zhineng Qigong Center arranges courses in many different places. Often it's an initiative from a participant who wants the possibility to practice in their hometown. The course in Arvika was an initiative from some members in the Asthma- and Allergy association. The initiator had never attended a course before but she had heard about our projects with asthmatics. Therefore she chose our organization. As this basic course was the first course in Arvika, the majority of the participants were beginners. Still, they learned the movements fast and helped each other with a lot of enthusiasm. To arrange a course takes an effort and the participants were very grateful for the opportunity to learn Zhineng Qigong in their home town.

Some comments from the participants

The Course

"I´m surprised that I managed the course this well, that I could do it. I thought I wouldn't. I would like to thank you for coming here. The course has been fun."

"I started to practice many years ago and I've attended several courses. For different reasons I stopped to practice. When there was a qigong course in Karlstad I really wished for a course in Arvika and my request was granted. I thank a lot for that! I feel that I am on the right way. I woke up early in the morning and had time to play with our little puppy."


"My major problem is that I suffer from severe migraine but I hope it will get better. I woke up in the morning with migraine. But now it's gone. I hope it´s an effect from the training."


"Yesterday I was very energetic. I'm looking forward to see what will happen when I start to practice regularly."

"I was very energetic yesterday evening. Especially in the night and that felt good. My problem is to be persistent and stick to things. One of my goals can be to be more stable, not be "on or off". I think qigong has the requirements needed for me to keep it up. It feels like I need less sleep, at least after this short amount of practice."


"I suffer from MS and I will fix that. Usually at home I use a wheel chair but here at the course I've been able to walk much longer distances. Hopefully I will continue to walk more. Thanks a lot!"

Stiff neck

"I've gone through some tough things in life and because of that I got tensions in my head, neck and my shoulders. I've had treatments twice a week and I practice at home every morning. Yesterday after the course I was walking around. Suddenly I realized that I could look behind me, I could turn the head both directions without pain. I woke up early this morning but I didn't do my gymnastic. Still, I feel much softer."


Angelica Berg