Hold Qi up Oslo [2009-10-17]

There are many reasons to start to practise qigong. A common reason is to improve one's mental and physical health. Many of us need that. Another reason, which one of the beginners in Oslo had, is to get more understanding about qi. The participants participating in the Hold Qi Up course in Oslo this weekend had an enthusiastic approach, which helped them learn the movements quickly.

Some Comments From the Participants.

Improved Quality

"This course has been of great benefit for me. I have improved the quality of the movements. Something is happening in my right shoulder in which I have had problems for many years."

Back and Neck Injury

"I had a back and neck injury. After a Summer Course I didn't have a back and neck injury anymore."

Practise before work

"I know how unbelievably good qigong is for my body. I practise every morning before I go to work and if I don't, that day won't be as good as if I did practise."

Oslo okt 2009

Deepening and Development

"I have practised qigong for quite a long time. I attend courses because it's a deepening and development of myself as a human being. I get much better results here compared to if I practise at home the same (amount of) time. Practising qigong gives me a better control of myself both mentally and physically. People who has my profession is often consumers of physiotherapists, chiropractors and many other kind of therapies. I don't need that kind of treatments, qigong is much better."

Understanding of Qi

"I came here because I want to know more about qi. I would like to experience it by myself."

Practise Despite Injury

"I was unsure if I should attend the course because of an accident a few weeks ago. I'm happy that I joined the course, it feels good."

Great Course

"It's been a very good course with a lot of training."


Johannes Nordgaard