Hold Qi up Ljungby [2009-10-03]

In Ljungby in Småland we've arranged basic courses for about ten years. Some of the participants at this autumn course joined our first course in Ljungby and they have practised continuously since then. We also had participants travelling from Kalmar to join the qi-feld.

At the courses in Ljungby we are always well taken care of. A lot of people help in different ways. Someone makes a cake; someone else makes tea and help in different ways. At the lunch break we were all invited to the contact person and were offered a nice soup and homemade bread. To help other people is an important part in the philosophy of qigong. Another way to help other at the course is when we correct the movements two and two.

Some comments from the participants

Practise Regularly

I've practiced for some years. Usually I practise daily but if I skip the training one day it's easy to skip another day as well. If I don't practise for a week I feel it in my body. I work a lot in the garden and then I get pain in my shoulders and in my back. And also boring work gets even more boring. Then I start to practice again. In the beginning I might feel some resistance to practise. Then I do it in the morning because it's easier to get it done and I might want to practise more in the evening. The back pain disappears after a couple of days and the boring house keeping work is not as boring any more. I'm so used to practise qigong that I don't know what it would have been like if I didn't. After my first course it seemed strange to attend more courses but the more courses I join the more I understand how much there is to learn.


I started to practise many years ago due to migraine. I suffered from sever migraine and I had to lay in bed several days a week. I have tried many different methods. At my first course I planned only to attend the first day because when I did something with my body I usually got migraine. But I could go to the course the second day as well and then I didn't get migraine for a whole week. It was fantastic. Qigong has helped me, small steps but I make progress. I'm very thankful. A lot of other things have happened as well, both physical and mental improvements. Thanks for a great course!

I've practised for a while. My problem is migraine. But I don't have as much migraine as before and the attacks are not as intense as before. In the summer I've been a bit lazy but now I'll start to practise again.

Slow down

I attended my first course six years ago. I was used to do things fast. Doing La Qi was hard for me. I could practise for two minutes then I had enough. I got pain and I was restless, wondering why I should stand there practising. But then I thought that if I can't do things slowly then I really need to practise that. I've practised regularly since that and I really need the training. It's like cleaning the teeth. This course has been very good. Now matter how many courses I attend I always feel delighted afterwards. I never tought that I would attend about 30 basic courses.

This is my fourth basic course. I thought that La Qi was strange in the beginning. Why practise that slowly? But now I think we practise too fast. I wonder why it has to be that fast, it's the complete opposite. After my first basic course I did things in slow motion. I did everything much slower. I was like a new person. It was great. It feels great to come here. I get tired and calm in a nice way.

Allergy and Happier

My allergy is getting better. I barley need any medicines anymore. I'm also calmer now. I helped my daughter to clean when she moved to another house. They told me that they had never heard someone singing and cleaning before. I think the training has made me happier.


At my first course I had a lot of pain. It was hard to do the movements. My body was screaming. I had recently operated my varicose veins and the doctor told me not to stand up too much. I thought I wouldn't be able to stand up but I stood the whole weekend even though I just had had an operation. It was fantastic! I talked to my daughter about the training. She was a bit sceptical but I said that I would pay for the course if she just went there. Now she's very keen on qigong. I practise qigong all the time, both physically and mentally. The philosophies are always there with me. I regulate the body when I stand up in a queue. But I think that it was after a summer course that I understood what qigong is about.

Qigong as a Need

I've practised for some years. I didn't start due to any specific problem but when I saw my daughter's improvements I thought the training would be good for everybody. I've practised since and I've attended many courses, basic courses and summer courses. I've had many physical improvements. I don't need any allergy medicine anymore and I don't have pain in my neck and back anymore. The improvements have come gradually. Now I work a lot with my mind. I think it's really hard but I hope qigong will help me. Qigong is a need for me. I have to practise every day to feel good, both physically and mentally. It's been a good basic course.

Pain in the hip

My son and his wife made me come here. I have such pain in my hips that I can barely walk so I wanted to try this. Yesterday the pain in my hips disappeared. I am completely chocked! The pain disappeared so fast. Today the pain came back but if I keep on practising it might disappear again. The stiffness in my hip has not come back. I've become softer by the training. I can pick things up from the floor, not having to screw down like I did before. I think I will attend more basic courses.


Angelica Berg