Hold Qi up Turku [2009-10-03]

This weekend's basic course in Hold Qi Up in Turku was also our tenth anniversary. The first course in Zhineng Qigong on the Finnish mainland was held here in Turku ten years ago. It is easy to notice that there is a long history of arranging courses in Turku. Many of the participants in this course has practised Zhineng Qigong for a long time and have much experience to share with the beginners.

The atmosphere on the course was calm and positive. One of the beginners commented on how nice it was to socialize with herfellow participants in the breaks, even though she didn't know any of them from before. One of the repeating participants, who hadn't attended any courses for about a year, told us that it var especially nice to see her old Qigong friends again. The capable beginners learned the movements fast, which gave us some extra time to practise and to talk about the philosophy of Zhineng Qigong. Practising in the strong Qi-field gave good results.

Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

"It is very nice to come to a course like this and at once feel welcome. People are so helpful and nice. It is easy to be a beginner here."

Better Balance and Calmer Mind

"When I started to practice Zhineng Qigong my body was very stiff and I had very bad balance. My balance was so bad that I had problems tying my shoe-laces and I could hardly walk outside during the winter when the streets were slippery. I also had problems picking things up when I dropped them on the floor. When I started practising, I couldn't close my eyes without losing my balance. But gradually the slow and calm movements of Zhineng Qigong have given me better control over my body. I get less irritated and angry than before. I also feel that can stand upright and still for longer than most. When others start shifting their weight or leaning towards a wall, I still stand calm and steady. My balance is now normal."

Åbo LUQ 091004

Tinnitus Disappeared

"I attended my first course three weeks ago. Then I was relieved of my tinnitus. It returned a little after the course, but now my ears are completely silent again."

Severe Back Problems Healed

"When I started practising I had severe back problems and a lot of other difficult things in my life. I was in such a bad shape that I couldn't work. Instead I was a student and this gave me time to practise. I invested a hundred percent in practising and gradually my back improved. It is now completely healed."

Better Back with Zhineng Qigong

"I need Zhineng Qigong to stay in shape. During periods of less training I can feel my back problems again."

More Alert and Headache Gone

"I haven't practised for a long time, but I am starting over with this course. Last night I went to bed with no headache for the first time in two weeks. I was very happy and alert yesterday. My husband expressed his surprise at my mood. I sailed around our house doing chores in high spirits."

Practising Makes Me Happier

"I am happier and more content with life and less angry with myself after I started practicing Qigong. My husband also feels better when I practise."

Practising Improves Concentration

"It is very nice to be able to leave the world outside and just focus on oneself when practicing."

"Concentration and relaxation are things we need in every part of life. This is something I get from practising Zhineng Qigong."

Better Circulation

"I think it is fascinating that one can get so warm by just standing still. It must be that practising increases my circulation."

Could Practise after Child-Birth

"During my last course a year ago, I was pregnant. I was weak after the delivery and I couldn't sit or stand up, but I could still practise Zhineng Qigong using the cd:s. Three weeks afterwards I could start practising standing up again. Today my baby and I end the day together with Qigong."

A Gentle, Healthy Method

"I have practiced martial arts before. There they focused more on power and balance. But I couldn't continue with it because of the strain on my joints. I feel that Zhineng Qigong is much softer and that there is much wisdom in the method. I am happy that I can practice something that is built on the same philosophy."

"Meditation appeals to me. A long time ago, I used to practise meditation. Even though I had an Indian teacher, the method I used was not god for me. I didn't take care of my body. Food wasn't interesting any longer so I ate too little. I was very thin and felt disconnected from the world. My family asked me to stop, so I did. I appreciate the meditative feeling I get from Zhineng Qigong. It seems like it's a good method for me."

"Since we practised a lot yesterday and my body felt a bit tired afterwards, I expected to feel more aches in my body, but I didn't."

Practising without Pressure to Perform

"I like it that I don't feel I have to perform when practicing Qigong. I find happiness in the movements and joy whenever there are improvements in my body."

"I think that Zhineng Qigong is far too beautiful to make into something where I have to perform. Practicing gives me a sense of inner peace."


Jeanette Heidenberg