Wei Tuo Jin Oslo [2009-09-26]

A lovely group of positive people joined the course in Wei Tuo Jin in Oslo this weekend. Some of them were experienced qigong practitioners and others were youthful beginners, also there was an even distribution between men and women. The participants, that were both interested and happy, experienced the training as fun, a bit challenging and very powerful. Some comments from the participants can be found below.

Feels better with qigong

"I've been practicing qigong on and off since 1998 but now I haven't practiced for a few years. I work as a software programmer and health-wise it works out well despite the fact that I almost doesn't get to move at all during my working hours. One of the reasons that I came to this course is that it is important to me to perform well during working hours and I'm more able to do that when I have more energy and feel well. Today my body feels more agile."

A lot of qi

"Some of my joints have become more flexible and I feel that it is very comfortable to be here. I also feel that I have got a lot of qi."

More energy and better neck

"This is my first qigong course and I'm positively surprised. I think that I got more energy and feel that walking requires less effort. My neck and back feels better than yesterday. "

Practicing Wei Tuo Jin in Oslo september 2009

The body opened up

"I'm a beginner too. I've got access to more parts of my body that I initially had, as if some parts of my body have opened up. My lead feels lighter somehow. It is a bit difficult to put it all in words but I'm very happy about the course."

Calm and less pains

"It is the first time that I ever tried qigong. I have noticed that I get calmer, which is a very comfortable feeling. My painful neck and back have been noticeable during the course, but now the pains have all disappeared."

Strong feeling of qi

"I've been practicing Hold Qi up for two years. Wei Tuo Jin feels like a nice method, I get a very strong feeling of qi. I think that this can become good morning training for me."

Understood more about the exercise

"I'm very happy about this course. I really like Wei Tuo Jin and this time I understood some things about the exercise that I didn't really get before. The training this afternoon was very powerful."

Nice presence and more energy

"This is my second course in Wei Tuo Jin. I joined my first course about 3.5 years ago and became very impressed by all the energy that I got out of doing it. I have practiced a little bit on and off, but I have practiced at least a little bit every week. During the years I have only practiced by myself and now I felt that I needed to correct my movements a little. The movements feel more right and the training feels better now. During the weekend I have felt a great presence. I have been able to eat slowly, drink slowly and walk slowly. This is something that we all need."

Improved eyesight and good mood

"I can also feel this presence and calm. I have practiced Hold Qi up and even joined a course in Wei Tuo Jin several years ago. During this course my mood has been very good. I've met some very nice people. My eyesight has also improved during the course. I noticed that very clearly when I went outdoor during the break earlier today. I can also feel that I'm not as tense in the area around the shoulder blades. It feels very good."

Energy in the body and clearer head

"I joined my first course during the 90-ies and practiced both Hold Qi up and Wei Tuo Jin quite a lot during some years. I got rid of a neck injury during a summer course. My back recovered and I had a lot of energy. But then I stopped doing a lot of things, including practicing qigong. Now, after more than 10 years, I note that I start getting a little back pains again. I've always recommended others to practice and some of them have, but I didn't practice by myself. A couple of months ago I understood that I myself should take up qigong again. Since then I have been practicing on and off. I need a gentle push in the right direction to really get started. I'm here at this course to refresh Wei Tuo Jin that to me is the more fun of the exercises. It has annoyed me that I didn't quite remember the exercise, so now I feel good. It is nice to feel the energy in the body once again. I can feel the tensions that already are on its way out of my body.

It is my experience that qigong makes my head clearer. It affects things like bad habits, what I eat, concentration and focus. Each and every time I set a goal that I didn't reach I have been thinking that I must start practicing qigong again, when I do everything comes back to me. It is the solution for me: All the tiny details in my life get in order and now I look forward to that yet again."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen