Hold Qi up Norwich [2009-09-26]

Time again for course in Norwich, a Norwich with almost summer weather outside our practicing hall. So we took a picture of the group in the sunshine to put here in the course report.

Most participants came from Norwich, but also some from Cambridge that took the opportunity to repeat and to be in the qi field. After the course some participants where talking about going to the course in November in Cambridge to do the same. Good qigong thinking!

Some comments from the participants:

Repeat course

"It is so useful to repeat the course again. I find that I learn new things every time. I feel thankful to be able to come back."

"Some periods I feel almost high about qigong. It is good to come back and repeat, it is like a constant refining and that is helpful. It is also nice to communicate in this atmosphere. I have a job that is quite physical so I find that qigong is helpful for that."

"I am very grateful to have found qigong, it is like work in progress for me. Things are happening in other levels now. I am learning a lot about myself, how to be with other people, and it is powerful. I feel that I am in the right place at the right time."

Norwich 090927

"I really enjoyed this weekend. This was my second course and I learned a lot. It felt like we where all going for it. My work is physically demanding, more was getting out than getting in. I knew I needed to start practicing again."

Pain in knee disappeared

"I am not exhausted this time after the course, it has been quite enjoyable. After the summer course I have been able to practice more regular. Before the summercourse I was quite run down, but the course helped me a lot and also the pain in my knee disappeared."

Better sleep

"Qigong is brilliant! I got corrected in my standing posture during the course and that helped me to relax more. My sleeping is so much better now. I practiced when I got the flu and it made me well so fast."

Feel qi

"I got a stressful job and I want to go on a path to meet wisdom. I really enjoyed this course and when we did La Qi I could feel qi between my hands."


"I practice more regularly now. Qigong helps me a lot mentally. I can focus more, I am not angry and calmer. I had not had any problems with my asthma for over one year now and I can for example take my bike without any problems."

Relax better

"I am a beginner and I really enjoyed it and want to carry on. Just to stand in the right way was hard first but now it is quite comfortable. I have stiff shoulders so the movements are good. I don't feel tired, I just feel nice and relaxed and alert in a good way."


Fatima Ringvall