Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2009-09-26]

In Mariehamn it's a tradition to have two basic courses in Hold Qi Up every year, one course in the spring and one course in the autumn. Even though the weather was very nice a quite big group attended the autumn course. The atmosphere was good and the beginners got a lot of help from the more advanced student.

Some comments from the students:


"I suffer from rheumatism. Qigong is helpful for the joints but it's also good mentally for me. The training gives me pain relief."

Stiff shoulders

"My stiff shoulders have improved from the training. I like the group training very much."

Humble, strength, soft

"I like the way qigong train us – you get softer, more humble but at the same time stronger."

Bipolar disorder, sleep

"I was diagnosed bipolar disorder, arthritis in my back, pain, tiredness and I couldn't sleep. After two months of training I could sleep well."

Kinder, more present, calmer

"Qigong makes me calmer. I'm getting kinder, kinder towards myself as well without having a bad conscious. Qigong makes me more present. I get calmer and I've stopped running around."

More alert and happier

"I get more alert and happier."

Feel good, stress

"The training makes me feel good. I can easier handle stress."


"My migraine has disappeared!"


"I suffer from diabetes type 1. My levels went up and down and I've denied the disease. Qigong has had a positive influence on my clinical picture. I can accept the disease and I've even been able to cut down on my medicines. My work has also been influenced in a positive way."

Pain in a foot

"I had pain in a foot and it was hard for me to walk when I got to the course. After the first day of the course the foot had got well again."


Lars Hagner