Hold Qi up Stockholm [2009-09-19]

The first basic course in Stockholm this semester was held on a weekend with excellent weather in mid-September. Many of the new participants were recommended to join the course by family members or friends who practise Zhineng Qigong. Others found us through our homepage. In common for them all were their good spirit and will to learn. Most of the repeating participants have joined our summer course. They have a lot of experience when it comes to practising Zhineng Qigong and they shared it with the rest of the group.

Below follows an excerpt of the students' own comments:

Happy by Practising

"I started to practise six years ago when I attended a project with breast cancer association Amazona. I'm very happy for that. My physical status has improved and if I get pain I just practise a little extra. Practising makes me happy."

Neck Problem

"I think it's good that autumn comes because then I can join weekend courses. I started to practise three years ago when a colleague told me to. I had severe neck problems. The doctor gave my injections with anaesthetic just to be able to give me treatment. After a weekend course the pain released. During the course I was sceptic but when I came home I noticed that the pain was gone."


"I have practised for about five years, so I know how I feel when I practise and when I don't. If I don't practise I get whiny and my body hurts. When I practise I feel good and get a lot of energy. I also get more interested in and care more about other people and they become nicer to me. Practising Qigong makes me nicer so that's why I joined this course."

Burnt out

"I started to practise Qigong quite many years ago because of back problems. The back problems disappeared and I stopped practising. I had a burn-out and got severe health problems. Then I was very grateful that I had Qigong, which became my lifeline. The doctors wanted to give me a lot of medicines but I practised Qigong instead and so far it works. I'm making progress even if it takes some time. After the Winter Course my thyroid gland, which had been too big, decreased with 50 per cent. It's good for the mind to practise Qigong."


"My body has become stiff because of athletics. I noticed during the course that Qigong is very good for increasing mobility."

Younger, Softer, Cold Feet

"Thanks to Qigong I get taller, straighter, younger and softer as years go by. I practise daily. I attend as many weekend courses, group trainings and lectures as I can, just to get the chance to be in the Qi-field. I have problems with cold feet, something is happening in them, they are warm and they tingle."

Migraine and Healthcare

"I managed to avoid a migraine attack by doing a Hold Qi Up and Qi-regulation. These exercises are really good for tending to one's health."

Pain in Joints, Sleeping Problems, Lactose Intolerance

"Practising Qigong gives me a lot. Before I practised I had pain in my joints and sleeping problems. After this Summer Course my lactose intolerance disappeared. I want to congratulate all the beginners for finding this method."


Lars Hagner