Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2009-09-19]

Helsingborg showed it's best sides during the weekend course in Hold Qi Up. Outside the weather was sunny like a summer day and inside the training hall you could see many gentle smiles. Many of the participants repeated the course to get help to improve their skills. The concentration level was good and there were a calm atmosphere.

Some comments from the participants

Mental and physical improvements

"I'm very pleased for the great improvements I've got from practicing qigong. It started with physical things like pain, stiffness and inflammations and then went on to more mental issues. I'm very glad that I found this school."

"I've got a lot of help from qigong concerning my physical status. The pain I had in my neck, back and wrists disappeared quite quickly when I started to practice. Constipations and colds are also history. I had severe problems with pms a couple of years ago but those problems belong to the past. I feel mentally stronger and calmer. It's also easier to concentrate on the courses now then before."

Glad for corrections

"This course has been very nice. I'm glad that I came here and also for the corrections I got. I learn something new on every course. I will continue practicing and attend every course I can."

Menstrual problems

"On the first day of the course I had a incredible nice and relaxed feeling when we practiced. I had severe menstrual problems from the age of fourteen until I stared to practice qigong, then they disappeared."

Calm and more energy

"Practicing qigong helps me to get a combination of calm and more energy."


"Before I practised qigong I was constantly having a cold. When I started to practise qigong the colds ceased."

Mental improvements

"The mental part of practicing qigong is what excites me the most. I notice that I've got better control of my self. My attitude towards people and things has changed, I ascribe these positive changes to qigong."


"It's been very interesting to learn qigong."


Johannes Nordgaard