Hold Qi up Hamar [2009-09-12]

Our third course in Hamar had a positive attitude to it. Several persons are practicing regularly in a local practicing group and their good results and enthusiasm made several beginners join the course of the autumn. There was an unusually big crowd at the lecture, also the mix of old and young people was a little unusual but also nice as all of them showed a great deal of interest in Zhineng Qigong. In the course that followed several of the participants got good results.

Below is a selection of the participants' comments.

Warm fingers and a long neck

"It has been most interesting. Things have happened all the time. I've had cold fingers but after practicing Hold Qi up I felt warm. My right shoulder has been painful and I've had some difficulties in getting it down. Now it is so far down that I feel like a giraffe with a very long neck."

Stressed and painful shoulder

"I recently moved houses and have been stressed out. My shoulder is a little rigid and I've had some pains, but now it has dropped down a little. I joined a course several years ago and know that the results may not be obvious at this moment but will be clearer a short while after the course."

Good vigor and health

"Qigong is a part of my daily life. Sometimes I practice more and sometimes less, but I do practice every day. I feel that I'm better able to take care of others and get less disturbed by different things when I practice. I have good health."

Preventing poor health

"I'm a beginner and joined this course with an open mind. I'm trying to prevent disease so that I can enjoy a good health even in the future. I look forward to join the evening classes."

Practicing Hold Qi up in Hamar september 2009

Improved nasal passages

"This is my second course. After my first course earlier this year I've been practicing regularly and enjoy the fact that my nasal passages have improved. Before my nose was often stuffed but it is much better now."

Increased flexibility in the ankle

"This is my first course. I have tested some simple qigong exercises that have produced results. Now I want to learn more and be able to practice by myself. During the course I have noticed that one leg that I have broken that I still have a metal screw in has become more flexible. I can bend my ankle more than I could yesterday. I also noticed that I have moved my mental blocks and changed the way I see myself and my capacity. It feels very good."

Able to lift the hand after 14 years

"This is my first course. I've had a good feeling in my body during the course; at times the feeling has been very good. After the first day of the course, we had been standing and practicing for a whole day, I felt as if I had been sleeping for an hour or so. I felt rested. And today I have been able to lift my hand up over my head. Due to some problems with my shoulder I haven't been able to do that since 1995! It feels like a real achievement."

Improved ankle and creative solutions

"I almost cannot remember when I joined my first course. I have joined all the courses in Hamar and enjoy travelling here. It feels calm and we get to practice a lot. Even though I do not remember what it was like to be a beginner I can still feel that things keep happening in my body all the time. My ankle has been very inflexible. I have not been able to do something about it. I was thinking that I better forget about that foot and focus on other things instead. But then I got some corrections and good advice. During this weekend the foot has started to change. I can feel that the circulation in the joint is about to open up. I really look forward to see what will happen after this. It is good to concentrate and relax mentally – reducing your thinking. I had quite a few things to ponder upon when I came here, things that I kind of got stuck in and couldn't proceed with. All of a sudden during the training some creative solutions to my problems just presented themselves. It feels like a bonus and I'm very happy about it."

Practice to get agile and healthy

"I have practiced a little qigong, but then I was not that confident that qigong would be the solution to my problems. So, I haven't been practicing for a while. Now that I have been practicing a little I notice that after I stopped practicing my body has become much more rigid and I have lost some of my ability to relax. So I have to take a hold of myself and practice qigong so that I can keep my body agile and healthy."

Energetic and alert

"I have been on a sick leave for a while and have ear inflammation on both sides. Yesterday I felt awful and it was not nice to be around other people. Nothing felt like any kind of fun. I did not want to continue practicing after yesterday. But today I woke up and thought "Yes"! I feel much better and even though it may take a while before I can go back to work I'm on the way. Qigong has given me a lot of power and today everything feels very nice. I will continue to do this."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen