Hold Qi up Hangö [2009-08-22]

The fall semester in Finland began as always with a basic course in Hold Qi Up in Finland's southernmost city, Hangö. The course venue was, as usual, Hangethesalen in the town's venerable secondary school. Many of the participants could share their good memories from the school, where they had been students, teachers – and now qigong practitioners.

The weekly practice group in Hangö has grown steadily during the last few years and this shows in the number of participants in the courses, and in the good results achieved. Many students told us that they have been able to improve their mental and physical health by practising at home and in the group. Also during the course, many students could notice health improvements. Many of the repeating participants also felt that they had learned something new and been helped with improving their postures during the course.

Below follows an excerpt of the students' own comments.

Back Straighter and Equally Long Legs Without Shoe Inserts

"I have attended many basic courses and I always get something new out of repeating the course and spending time together. My whole life, my body has been crooked and I have had scoliosis. I have worked with children and had to do heavy lifting. Finally, my back started objecting and I got arthritis. I have had physiotherapy, but it didn't help in the long run. Through Zhineng Qigong I have learned to stand correctly. When I started practising, I had shoe inserts in order for my legs to be of equal length. Now I can stand straight without the shoe inserts. I can straighten my back and relax. I have realized that I have to practise to get results. Practising makes me physically stronger. I'm happier and more energetic."

Grandchildren Fell Asleep When I Was Practising

"When my grandchildren were visiting – three girls under the age of 10 – I practised when they went to bed at night. The smallest one fell asleep immediately and before I was finished, the others were also sleeping."

Pain Disappeared

"This is my second course. My legs hurt so badly I could hardly stand, but on Saturday after the course, the pain was gone and I could even go out bicycling."

Hangö 090823

"I attended my first course a year ago, but now I haven't practised at all for some time. I have problems with my neck and back, and I have done some yoga and lately I've just gone swimming. I was in really bad pain when I got here yesterday. Now there is no pain at all. I was surprised that I could get better so quickly. Now I have to start practising again."

Improved Circulation in the Feet

"This was my first course. My feet are always cold, but now they are warm and there is a tingling sensation in them. I don't know if it's just my imagination or if the circulation in my feet has really improved after only two days."

Better Body Awareness

"I notice that I learn to listen to my body. I learn to be more aware of my body."

Balance Problems Gone

"This is my third course. When I attended my first course, I had to sit down the whole course through, since I had absolutely no balance. Now, not only can I stand up, but I can also bend my body without losing my balance. I think Qigong teaches you to listen to your body better. For me, this improvement has been a major one."

Stiff Shoulders Improved

"I started practising to get help with my stiff shoulders. I used to work as a teacher and I was in so much pain that I had to support my arm with the other in order to be able to write on the board. I have tried many different types of treatment and I noticed that I had the same kind of reactions from Qigong as I had from acupuncture. When I started practising, I was alone, but little by little, the group in Hangö has grown. In the group we support each other. Everybody gets more supple and mentally calmer. The Autumn Course last year was really good and the Summer Course was very interesting. I am stuck with Qigong."

Sore Shoulders Better and Improved Motivation

"I wanted to attend another course to improve my technique and to have more motivation to practise. I feel I have achieved both. I work with my shoulders, because I "move papers" – I have an desk job. Now my shoulders are better than on Friday."


Jeanette Heidenberg