Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2009-09-05]

A sunny weekend in the end of the summer the basic course in Ekenäs took place. In the little town, between Helsinki and Turku there have been courses in Zhineng Qigong for several years. Every week there's also the possibility to participate in the weekly group practice. The participants expressed how much they appreciate the group and how important it is, to get inspiration and to get a chance to practise in the qi-field.

At the basic course there were both beginners and more advanced students. The ones repeating the course contribute a lot by helping the beginners to do the physical exercise better. They also contribute a lot with motivation by sharing their experiences. Several of the participants plan to attend the Autumn Course in the middle of October.

Some comments from the participants

Repeat Courses

I've practised qigong for about two years. The reason I started was that I needed more energy. The training gives me much. I attend many basic courses. Then I get to practise in the qi-field and I also increase my motivation. And I can always learn more. Also it feels good to help others. I remember how my first course was therefore it's nice to be able to help someone new to get into practising fast. This course has given me very much. I feel that I get taller and taller.

Mental Improvements

The courses increase my motivation to practise. My body has got more flexible and my balance has improved. But I think the mental improvements are even more important. Practising is like cleaning up in the brain. I get calmer and my concentration improves, which is very important in the society of today. I'm very happy for that.

Blood Circulation

My blood circulation is poor. At this course I've had a burning feeling in my body. I know it's a good sign so I'm happy for that. The weekend has been good.

Back Problems

I suffered from severe back problems when I started to practise. Sometimes I had to be sick listed due to lumbago. Part from the physical pain I also got worried and scared. What if I got lumbago when I was travelling somewhere? Now I've almost recovered completely. Sometimes my back is a bit painful but I rarely have to stay home from work.


My balance has improved. Before when I sang in my choir it was hard for me to stand up and sing. Now I can stand up and sing with my feet together.

Pollen Allergy

I don't need any medicines for my pollen allergy anymore. This spring I've barely had any symptoms. I rarely even think of it.


I'm here for the first time. Yesterday evening after the course I was very tired but suddenly I felt very energetic. I want to continue to practise. I stand up with a poor balance but still with a gentle smile. That's liberating. Yesterday it was a bit difficult for me to remember the movements but today it's easier. I've seen that I can practise in other places in Finland as well. I feel really exited.


Angelica Berg