Summer Course 2 HQU Nossebro [2009-07-01]

This year's second level Summer Course took place during some warm days in Nossebro. Several persons cooled themselves in the calm creek Nossan and in the end of the course we even got so see the rainbow. A lot of participants talked about how fast the time passed. Even though we had enough time to practice a lot and listen to many lectures the course quickly came to an end. Some beginners who just had joined their first Summer Course chose to directly move on to the second level. They were accompanied by the persons that usually join both courses as well as some new arrivals who were eager to practice and wanted to meet old as well as new friends. People were very sociable and helpful to each other during the course. The will to practice showed itself by the way the participants stood up in the practice hall in good time before the group training and the large number of people who used the practice hall during late evenings. A lot of persons felt optimistic and shared their gentle smiles with others, in the training hall, dining hall and of course at this year's amazing cabaret.

A water lily floating on the creek Nossan

Our yearly poll showed that 59% improved their concentration abilities, 68% became less stressed and 71% got more energy. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

58% better concentration, 68% reduced stress, 71% increased energy

Below follows some selected quotes from the participants.

Less stress and negative thinking

"When I came to the course and felt the calm I understood how stressed I really am. During this course my thinking has been reduced. I am kinder to myself, I do not think critically about myself when I do not succeed in doing this or that. I'm happy about getting a calmer mind. It makes everything easier."

Kinder with more qi

"I have realized that I have to actively do something in order to live better during my day to day life. You need more qi to be albe to be a good person and be kind to others. I felt it clearly this year, after the Winter Course in Bollnäs I felt very strong and then I felt very clearly that things became easier to do. It became much easier to be happy and kind to others - the way that I want to be. I want to bring out those good sides of myself."

Straighter body and softer fingers

"I have been inspired to practice more, and I will do that.I feel that I have become straighter in my body, and my fingers have become much softer."

More energy

"I have gotten some nice corrections. Small details that give you so much more. I got a lot of energy and will try to get some order in my life."

Much better back

"During the course I have experienced a huge improvement in my back and my waist is more agile. The coming year will be an exciting one."

Improved sleep during the course

"I am happy to say that I have been able to sleep well. Prior to the course I slept badly, but now it is much better. I have slept whole nights and woke up by myself just before we were supposed to get up, which felt really good."

Vertebrae jumped into place and I could tolerate the food

"When I came to this course the pain in my hips started to disappear. I experienced several improvements that started in the lower parts of my body and that worked their way upwards. One example is that some of my vertebrae have jumped into place, which has affected everything between the pelvis and the neck. Right now I feel something is happening with the shoulder injury I have had for some time, and I also have some problems left in the upper part of my neck. But apart from that all the other injuries I had seem to have disappeared. Something has also happened with my gluten and milk intolerance. I tried to eat both ice cream and cookies and it went well."

Hand eczema disappeared

"On two of my fingers I had some hand eczema prior to the course but this has completely disappeared."

Increased agility and body control

"What qigong has given me is an increased agility, something that I notice when I pick things up from the floor or tie my shoes. I have also attained a higher level of control over my body as well as a better balance."

My old self has returned

"During this course I felt very calm. One probable explanation is that I was in such a bad shape when I started training qigong. Today, I do not feel the same pressure. I start to recognize the old me who existed before I got ill. There are certain things from that time that I had forgotten, but now it comes back to me and I think "Yes, that was the way I used to act or feel". The last year I have done a lot of things. I have increased responsibility in my work, renovated part of the house and of course taken care of my two children. But I have been determined to keep on training and do exactly the amount of training that I had planned to do. Many say they see a difference compared to last year. Mentally I feel healthy now despite the fact that I still have some physical problems. Anyhow, my old self is back now."

Rainbow over Nossebro

Invigorating and fun

"Level 2 has felt invigorating.I feel much better. In Dunqiang I can squat down really well. I feel soft when I do it. It's great that it has improved this much. When we started doing Dunqiang during the second day, I started feeling like a human being again. It felt good. I haven't felt that for a long time."

A scar is healing

"I checked my arm and noted that a scar that I had has been healing and is almost completely gone. It's fun when something like that happens. You don't need to focus much; qigong just fixes it for you."

Improved agility and balance

"I've been struggling with a whiplash injury in my neck. After a Qi-regulation I streched my neck and realized that I could hold my head up better than before. So I hurried over to the dining hall and tried to dance. I noticed that my balance was better and that I could move better. Furthermore, some of my hypersensitivity to light and sound disappeared."

Deep relaxation and interesing lectures

"I can really enjoy the long La Qi sessions. I get into a deep state. One interesting part of this course has been Su Dongyue's lectures. I feel I have understood his way of thinking better and also the philosophy of qigong. He has frequently spoken about love and that has appealed to me. There are many things I will continue to think about."

No pain or depression

"My problematic shoulder - a frozen shoulder - got free from pain. My depression is gone."

Less bad habits

"I'm more harmonious. I've changed some of my bad habits. I got more energy and I can get out of bed without problems in the morning."

No pain despite knee surgery

"Two years ago I joined the second level just a few weeks after a knee surgery (meniscus). Everybody seemed so happy to be doing Dunqiang and I was just able to do a small curtsy while holding a wall bar. I often practiced La Qi sitting down instead of Dunqiang. Last year I was able to get more down, with the support of the wall bar and not very well but still a little better. It felt better but I didn't manage to do all the squats. And this year I was able to get all the way down without any support! It felt very nice. I didn't have any pain in my knee."


Su Dongyue