Summer Course 1 HQU Nossebro [2009-06-22]

On the first Monday after midsummer, the small village of Nossebro, in Västergötland, got over 170 visitors from the Nordic countries and England. For the first time the school in Nossebro hosted the Summer Course in Zhineng Qigong.

The school is situated beautifully on the plain of Västergötland, on the river Nossan. It's a very nice environment for practising Qigong. In addition, the school has a beautiful canteen, many class rooms and a big, cool gym hall.

Quite many of the participants attended the course for the first time. For some of them it was their first contact ever with Zhineng Qigong. This year an exceptional number of children practised in the training hall. With their friendly smiles and playfulness they contributed significantly to the positive atmosphere. One day they had baked cinnamon rolls for all of us.

A representative from the community welcomed us and she recommended some tourist attractions for us to visit on our half day off. The excursion went to Åsle Tå, a historic site consisting of housing for the poor from the 18th century. The river, Nossan, also got many visitors.

Ån Nossan

The cabaret at the end of the free afternoon, gave us good entertainment. Music, dance and jokes made us laugh a lot. The final act, when the children sat on the stage singing a beautiful Swedish summer song, will be remembered for a long time.

At the course we practised much and also we got the unique possibility to take part of Su Dongyues experience and knowledge. Being in the strong Qi-field, many of the participants improved their health significantly. Several of those who had planned to stay only for the first nine days decided to stay for the second level as well. Spending nine more days in the Qi-field, they increase their possibility to get improvements even more.

Summer course 2009

Below follow some comments from the participants:


"I work with gardening and I suffer from pollen allergy, which isn't that good a combination. I've worked with gardening for many years, and normally I have to take my allergy medication every day. Since last year's summer course, which was my first summer course, I have had to take only one pill (Clarityn) all year."

"Earlier, I had to eat food free from gluten. But since a couple of years I've eaten regular food."

Family Relation

"It's so great to be here with my mother and my daughter. It's such a strong feeling to have them share this with me, so that you know what I've been doing when I've been at these courses. This has been such a great course for me. My daughter has helped me so much. We were fighting quite a lot before the course. I was grumpy and she was grumpy too. It was a difficult time. So it has been good to break that trend and just be good to each other. We'll have that when we get home too, since we can remember how it was even though the circumstances change. It feels so good to have experienced this together. I'm just grateful and happy."


"I measured my pulse before I came here and now after the course. First it was 70, now it's 58."

Sweet Tooth

"This year I've hadn't had the sweet tooth that I usually have. Thanks to all of you who organise the course."


"I feel softer and kinder."


"I got a huge, black birthmark on my finger a few months ago. I don't even remember which finger it was, because during the first morning practise, I noticed that it was gone. There wasn't a trace of it left."


Stomach problem

"I always have problems with my stomach, so I had brought a lot of herbs and medication in a big rucksack, which I forgot in the central station in Stockholm. And I've managed just fine anyway. I'm sure I will join both courses next year."


"My shoulders have improved. I feel softer and more relaxed."

Feeling in the face

"I suffer from many different diseases. One of my problems is that I don't have any feeling in the left part of my body. My awareness of my body is quite poor. But when we practised something happened in my face. I got the feeling back in my face. That made me so happy. I had to pinch my cheek to see that it was real."


"I suffer from fatigue. At home I need to sleep at least 10 hours to function well during the day. My husband was wondering how I would manage to get up at six o'clock every morning. He was a bit sceptical. But it hasn't been a problem. That is amazing and a big thing for me. I've even been able to talk and be social at breakfast sometimes. I've managed to walk longer distances then I used to."

"Since my first basic course I sleep much better. I sleep shorter nights but still I wake up refreshed. Before I came here I had a tough period but the training helps me get over things faster."


"I have pain in a hip. The doctor said it was worn out. This is why I started to practise Qigong. Now the hip is fine. I sleep better. My vision has improved so much that I needed new glasses, with less strong lenses."

About the course

"I'm very happy being here. I think the course is very well organised, with the food, the breaks and everything. It makes it possible for everybody to concentrate on practicing."

"I wouldn't manage without the Summer Course."

"I'm very grateful for this wonderful organisation. Qigong has helped me with so much. Now I understand more what Qigong is about and I can explain that to others"

"I need this to manage the rest of the year. Thanks!"

"I really like Nossebro with all the nice people and this fantastic organisation. I'm very happy. Thanks!"

Mental improvements

"I've noticed that Qigong influenced me a lot mentally. Even though there are storms around me there is always a source of strength inside me. Thanks everybody for all Qi I got at the course."

"I've had a lot of problems related to stress: depression, pain in my stomach, migraine and sleeping problems. I've been on the sick-list. But then I started to practise Qigong. Nothing special happened at my first course. But after the second course I went home, laying in bed laughing. I felt so happy. I'm not depressed anymore. I have only had two migraine attacks since I started to practise. I have pain in my stomach sometimes but I can handle stress much better."

"During these years of practicing I feel calmer, happier and my vision has improved.

"A lot of things have happened mentally. Before, I've felt lonely even though I had family and friends. But suddenly I felt that I was cared for and nurtured.

"I feel so happy. I can't remember when I felt this happy before. Happy from the inside."

Kidney infection

"I used to have problems with kidney infections. Since I started to practise I haven't had any. That's brilliant!"

Back problem

"I started because of the problems I had with my back and neck. I was never without pain. I was quite sceptic at first but kept going anyway. My legs, back and neck are so much better now, it's hard to believe. I still have pain sometimes, but the improvement is significant and I don't have to plan my life according to my back, but I can do what I want to."

"I am really satisfied. This course has been really well organized. I started practising Qigong because of my back. I had back surgery 2005 and was told that I would never be free from pain. This method helps me reduce the pain. I can take less pain medication and I function better in my everyday life. In the middle of the week I had a peak and after that there has been mostly a deep relaxation. I feel more grounded and relaxed. I have had really great corrections. It helped me a lot. I have practised physical sports before and I'm fascinated by the fact that I don't have any pain at all after practising arm training. I can keep going the next day. Thank you all. It's been good to be here and talk to you. It's good to get away from my everyday life. I haven't even read the news during these nine days."

"I was in an accident when I was young. After some years I got a lot of pain in my back. It got worse over the years. I could not lift anything. I tried everything but nothing helped. It only got worse and worse. But two months after my first basic course I didn't need the belt for my back that I usually needed. It's continued along that road. Now the pain is gone completely. Here at the course I noticed that I can bend the body much more than before."

Fighting Spirit

"I want to thank everybody. I think that the beginners are the heroes. Their enthusiasm and energy even though they have pain, inspire me to practice."


"Since I was a child, I have had a problem with my right ankle. It's an old football injury. It has been difficult to, for instance, do the part of Hold Qi Up when I have to bend my ankle. Two days ago I realized that the problem was gone. That probably happened here. Thank you for a great organisation."

Gentle Smiles

"Thanks to everybody for a great course! There has been a lot of love and many happy smiles. It feels great to be here."


"I have always had the privilege of being corrected by someone who was more experienced than I, but this year I could cooperate with a complete beginner. It was difficult but very educating and interesting. It makes me think in a new way. I want to thank you for a good and rewarding course: both the teachers and others."

Joint problems

"I started to practise in 2003 due to problems with my joints. The training has helped against the pain and stiffness. I can't do any other physical activities so this is really good for me. Nossebro has been perfect. I'm pleased with the course."


"I decided to use myself as an experiment. To see how far I could get by only practising Qigong, not do any running and such. But my stamina didn't deteriorate. Instead it improved. When I went skiing I noticed that I felt more energetic. It was unexpected for me that Qigong can have that function."

"When I started to practise my stamina was bad. I wanted to improve it. I and my husband went jogging but nothing happened. I got a bit worried that there was something wrong with me. I breathed heavily. I could not build my body. I never thought Qigong would help me with that. But is has. My stamina has improved a lot. I feel it in my everyday life, when walking the stairs or in hills. Others have commented that as well, "what a speed". I have many things to thank Qigong for."


"Before the course I was a bit stressed out because of my studies and school but when I came here I got calm. I didn't have any problems sleeping, like I had before I came here. If I lay down I can fall asleep."


"I've always had problems with my stomach. I suffer from intolerance to gluten and pancreatitis, which is very painful. It makes me feel sick and I'm very tired. The course last year was hard but many things happened. I feel so much better now. I still get low periods sometimes but not as severe pain as before and not for as long a time as before. Mentally I can handle the pain much better. I feel really good."


"Being in the cabaret was fun. The audience is the best one can have. I recommend everybody to participate."


"I've had problems with pain in my arms. This improved when I started practising Qigong four years ago. I almost never take any pain medication any more. I haven't had a cold or fever in these four years."


"Usually I have problems breathing but know I've noticed that my wind pipes open up. It has felt really good to just lie and breathe and feel what it's like to be able to breathe."


Su Dongyue