TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Turku [2009-05-14]

This was our first course in TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin in Finland. Many of the participants had long awaited this opportunity to participate and were very eager. During the TuiNa course, many reduced their pain and felt Qi in their body. In the Wei Tuo Jin course many said that the exercise felt very powerful.

All participants gave positive feedback at the end of the course (see below).

TuiNa in Turku in May 2009

My bad shoulder healed and my arm became stronger

"My job is very physical and before this course I have been stressed out and worked hard. I was in very bad shape before the TuiNa course. When I drove my car to the first day of the course I couldn't turn the wheel with that hand. I was very weak and it hurt when I turned my arm. I couldn't sleep on either side and I would wince when waking up in the morning. When my shoulder was treated in the course something happened and suddenly the sore shoulder was better than the healthy shoulder! But after a while it started stinging every now and then. But now, after Wei Tuo Jin, the shoulder feels OK. I still feel it a little, but it feels more the way it would after having a fever or illness. I was afraid that this Qigong method would be too physical, but the shoulder didn't limit me at all. It felt good and I have already learned it and taken it to heart. I have also noticed during this last year with Qigong that my mind is clearer and I don't get as hysterical and worried about things I know will happen in a few weeks. I can calmly do one thing at a time – and it feels so good! My life is no longer dependent on everything turning out well."

Strong feeling of Qi

"Both courses have been very rewarding, especially Wei Tuo Jin. I got a strong feeling of Qi."

Motivation to practise

"These courses have given me motivation to practise. I feel inspired. I want to have a clearer mind and more energy."

Wei Tuo Jin fixed my neck

"Wei Tuo Jin is a very powerful form of practise. I attended a course many years ago in Helsingborg and I immediately liked it. I have always had problems with my neck. If I, for instance, was to fold sheets with someone else, I would always have to ask them to be gentle. If they were to move to fast, I would be in pain immediately. During my first Wei Tuo Jin course something happened in my neck. I could feel exactly which part of the exercise triggered the change. It continued when I practised at home. Just a few days after the course, my neck problems were gone and they have not come back since. I enjoyed practising Wei Tuo Jin when I got home from work and it would make my evenings much better. Lately I haven't had time to practise, due to the little children I take care of and some changes in my family. I can notice that I haven't been practising Wei Tuo Jin and I look forward to practising by myself again after this course with so much power and Qi."

Less worries

"I'm very enthusiastic now and I really want to practise this. In general I also feel that I don't worry as much after starting to practise Qigong."

Want to use TuiNa to treat people

"I feel Wei Tuo Jin is a fun method and I am very motivated to start practising it. This weekend coincided with different things, among other things a 50th birthday party. I noticed that I didn't really like changing our strong Qi-field for a party. I am very interested in practising treating people using TuiNa."

Strong Qi and the right note

"I have felt Qi, it has been very powerful. Much more than I have felt before. My 13-year-old daughter thought I had been away from home for too long and demanded that I would press an acupoint to remove her itch. I pressed the point and the itch on her leg disappeared! She also likes to sing, while I can't hit a note correctly - I'm tone deaf. She usually gets nervous when I sing and often tells me "No, no mom, it's all wrong!" When she sang yesterday I joined in and and she exclaimed "Mom! You got it right!" Maybe I have started to use a part of my brain that I didn't use before!"

Wei Tuo Jin in Turku in May 2009

Found something good

"This has been so very interesting and good, both TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin. I feel like I found something good in myself."

Alert in the morning and less pain

"For a long time I have been interested to learn more about Qigong, but for various reasons I haven't been able to join anything but basic courses in Hold Qi Up. So now I really wanted to try this and see what it is. When I joined the course I had pain in different parts of my body. I was nicely helped by my classmate who pressed my points and my sore neck and arm healed. After both TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin, I felt alert two mornings in a row. This is quite unusual for me."

Softer neck and body

"I've been quite ill this winter with inflammations in my feet. I have been bedridden and taken antibiotics. I am only interested in getting well. For this reason, Wei Tuo Jin feels like a good exercise for me. It has helped me get rid of blockages in my neck and body that I didn't even know I had. It has probably blocked my health. I could also sleep longer during the night between Saturday and Sunday. I haven't slept well for a very long time. I want to practise regularly, but I know that it is difficult for me to build a good habit. This is why it feels good to know that it takes only 20 minutes to practise this method."

Can find acupoints and powerful method

"It feels so great to be here, since I have met so many nice people with friendly smiles. The TuiNa part was very interesting. I have waited for it for a long time. I could practise on my classmate and also on my friend, whom I stayed with during the course. I was really surprised at how well I could find the points. Wei Tuo Jin didn't look very powerful when we saw the first demonstration, it looked easier than Hold Qi Up. But now when we have practised it, it feels really powerful. I have felt a lot in my hands and in the rest of my body. This morning I overslept but took it really easy. I sent an SMS telling you that I was late, made a sandwich and got in the car. Before I started practising Qigong a year ago something like this would have really stressed me out."

Relaxed after TuiNa

"I really enjoyed my classmate pressing my acupoints. This Friday, when I got home after the course I was really relaxed. I also liked Wei Tuo Jin. I didn't feel as much Qi as during Shenxin Qigong at first, but then I got a lot of Qi."

Much Qi and longer back

"I liked Shenxin very much when I learned it and now I like Wei Tuo Jin even more. I like when the method is a bit more physical and I also like it that the postures are in part static. It feels good to stretch. I have felt a lot of Qi during the course. Now I'm interested in checking how tall I am. Things have been going on in my back during the entire course so I'm hoping some things will fall into place now."

Back feels better

"I was really looking forward to this course. Shenxin is good, but this method is more physical and that feels good. I have had more problems with my back than normally during the last few weeks, and I was a bit worried about how I would manage. But I haven't had any problems and my back feels better now. It has been very rewarding and I want to start practising this."

Interesting for Qigong practitioners and powerful method

"It has been interesting to learn TuiNa in order to do something for others. Since I practise Qigong and am interested in it, I really enjoyed learning more theory about the meridians, how they work and how it's all connected. Wei Tuo Jin feels really powerful – I feel a bit macho and cocky after practising! I have felt things happening in my neck and the base of my scull, where I used to have inflammations before. Very interesting."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen