HQU 2 Stockholm [2009-05-16]

The interest for our courses in Shenxin Qigong and Hold Qi Up 2 increases every year. Both can be seen as enhancements of the basic course Hold Qi Up.

The training intensity and the commitment on this semester Hold Qi Up 2 was great. We had a strong Qifield and the two days past quickly. Many of the participants decided to join our 9-day summer course.

From the participants comments:

Stronger and more harmonious

"My backache has decreased, I'm calmer and more harmonious. Practising Qigong gave me the strength to work full time again."


"I get more calm the more I practise. I got some very good corrections on this course."

Feels stronger

"About one year ago my physical health became very bad, I sank very low because of that. This two days made me feel much stronger."

Relaxing effect

"This kind of training has a relaxing effect, it influence the mental part in a positive way."

Practicing for inner calm

"I don't have any physical problems, I want to find a inner calm."

Free from eczema

"I'm sitting here all delighted over my arms that are, because of Qigong, free from eczema."

Better back and shoulders

"I used to have a lot of pain in my back and shoulders. When I started to practise Qigong the pain decreased considerably."

Improved scoliosis

"I got improvements from practising Qigong that I didn't now was possible to get, for instance my scoliosis has improved. I don't get pain in my shoulders unlike my colleagues."

Handle tough situations

"It's easier to handle tough situations when you practise Qigong."

Prevent bad influence

"It's been a nice weekend. I can stop the bad influence from the society with Qigong."

Inner happiness

"On this course, something fell in place. I could practise with a deep inner relaxation, feeling of happiness and joy. That was new and very positive for me."

Food allergy, softer and more agile

"My food allergies are better. I'm more agile and softer."

Sinusitis, joint problems

"When I started to practise I got good results. My sinusitis and joint problems disappeared. Excellent training on this course."

Shoulders, eye disease

"On this course my shoulders fell in place. My eye disease, that can lead to blindness, has stabilized."


Lars Hagner