HQU 2 Helsinki [2009-05-09]

The interest for our method has been ascending in Helsinki for a while. We have for example had three beginner's course in Hold Qi Up, two of them with different organizations. Now it was time for the very first course in Hold Qi Up 2 in Helsinki. A large number of people joined the course. The willingness to train and to learn new things were evident. The strong Qi-field also contributed to the harmony and happiness that characterized the course.

From the participants comments:

Feel better

"I feel much better both physically and mentally when I train Qigong"

"Because of Qigong I feel much much better both physically and mentally."

"Qigong has changed my life a lot. I have started to work with new assignments and it´s going really well. I really want my family to start training. I feel better in every way. Life is easier."

"I found Qigong last autumn through a news paper articel and I took a liking to it. I felt immediately that this was something for me. In the big picture, I feel better, I´m happier and more content."

"I have been doing this for quite a while. Always when I train I feel better and the opposite. I do Qigong nowadays every day, I can handle my life better even though there are difficulties. I´m calmer and don´t get disturbed so easily. To be present here and now is difficult in our society, but this helps."

Feel calmness, handle stress, better sleep

"I have trained for a while and I feel that my ability to handle stress and feel calmness is better. When I train I feel better, I sleep well nowadays."

"I´m a school counselor at a high school. I have a lot of work there and find it hard to manage all that need help. I notice that even though my schedule is full, I do one thing at a time. I´m present in the now in what I do, and I´m not stressed. I can manage it without it taking my Qi. I can keep calm"

"I came in contact with Qigong through my wife that had started to do strange movements in the living room last year. I noticed after a while that she was happier and easier to live with. That´s why I joined a basic course last autumn. I think it´s exciting and interesting with Qigong. I get greater calm and I´m better at unwinding during business trips, if I have for instance been sitting a long time in front of the computer late at night at the hotel. We train together."

Presence, greater calm

"This is my second Hold Qi Up 2 and I have had a lot of benefits from what was taught then. Especially the different ways to think. The corrections are always good. Qigong gives me presence and greater calm."

Happier, less worry and stress

"I have trained for one year and have participated in six courses. I am happier and not as much worried and stressed out. My children has also said that mum´s much more happier."

Neurological problems

"I have neurological problems with my feet, but today I could stand through the longer version of La Qi without any problems. I´m very happy! I feel now that I want to continue more than two days!"

Pain relief

"I´ve trained regularly Hold Qi Up since my first course last autumn, it feels like I have been addicted, something´s missing when I´m not ttraining. I had a lot of help from Qigong after a gallbladder operation. I started to train almost immediately after the operation and right away I got a obvious pain relief when I did Hold Qi Up. It has been a good course. I feel that I´ve gotten more depth and help how one can continue in ones training."

Present in the here and now, neck problems

"I train every day, and feel that it helps me to be present in the here and now. My bad neck have been helped. I want to continue training and I´m joining the Summer course for the first time this year!"

Energy, stiff knee

"I have trained regularly since my first course and this course felt so much easier than the first. The flow in the movements has felt great and I´ve become energetic. My stiff left knee is also much better."


Lars Hagner