Hold Qi up Norwich [2009-03-28]

Spring was on its way in England and many beautiful cherry trees where in bloom and shared their beauty with us. Indoors we where a positive bunch of people learning Hold Qi Up. Some of us for the first time and others were there to repeat the postures and to join the strong Qi-field, which we have in all our courses.

Comments from the participants:

Practice regularly

"I practice every day and feel that I need that. It makes things so much easier and makes me happier. I am going to join my first summer course this summer and I'm really looking forward to that."


"I am a beginner and after the first day of the course I was tired but today I feel much more vigorous."

"Today I am not feeling as tired as I usually do."


"I can feel that Qigong is a big help in my life. It keeps my energy level high. My body is getting softer. I have noticed that Qigong can help me in making hard decisions and also in coming up with solutions for problems. The answers come easier now."

Norwich 090322_350

Be more here and now

"My feelings have changed a lot since I started practising Qigong and it has become easier to live more in the here and now."


"There have been a lot of changes in my state of health since I started practising Qigong. Many small things have fallen into place. I had a flu last week and thanks to Qigong I could get well much quicker than I usually do."

Skin improvements

"My shoulders have become softer and my skin has improved. Some scars on my hands are almost gone and the skin is softer."

Group training

"The group practise has been important for me. It has kept me on the right track. The more I practise the better I feel and the better I feel the more I like to practise. It has been a wonderful course with a lovely atmosphere."

"The group practise we have is good. This weekend has been excellent and I have learned many small details to improve my practising."


"I practise almost every day. That makes me feel alert. When I practise it helps with my tensions and afterwards I feel calm."

"Practising Qigong helps me get the space I need. It has been good for me to attend the course so that I could calm myself down."

"I have joined all the courses here in Norwich. It helps me keep calm. My daughter tells me that it is good that I practice Qigong because it makes me happier."

Back pain

"I have worked in the garden a lot with heavy lifts which have made my back stiff and painful. After practising yesterday all the pain has disappeared. I feel that Qigong helps me to be calmer and to see things in a more relaxed way."


Fatima Ringvall