Hold Qi up Borgå [2009-04-25]

The last beginner's course of the Spring in Finland was held in the beautiful city of Borgå. A sunny group of people had gathered to learn Hold Qi Up while the crocuses flowered in the flowerbeds outside of Borgå Folkakademi. The beginners learned the movements quickly and easily and the atmosphere was calm and happy. The warm springtime sun that shone through the windows was reflected in the gentle smiles of the participants.

Some comments from the participants:

Calmer, happier and more strength

"I have had more stamina than what I imagined this weekend! I´m absolutely going to continue with this, I want to join the four-day course this fall."

"I´ve been really stressed lately but now I feel so much better. Even though I have a lot of work next week, it doesn´t feel so bad. I have become more present in myself."

Borgå 090426_350

"I an much calmed nowadays. My husband says that I´m much happier."

Stopped smoking

"I stopped smoking after my first course! It wasn´t an active decision, I just realized after a couple of days that there´s now something different, aha, I haven´t smoked... I have smoked for many years before that."

A contact with the body

"I joined my first course last year, and I haven´t been so active since then, but the last course helped me a lot. I had injured my foot and I hadn´t been able to dance for over a year before that. The course helped me then to find again what the dance had given me, a sense of balance and a contact with the body. I have been able to dance now the past year and this course has given me a new dimension, I can concentrate more on other things in the body and I remember more often the gentle smile."

"There are grains of gold for everyone to pick in this method. It´s so nice to get together on courses. You get another knowledge of the body by doing Qigong, like meditation in movement. It feel nice, it gives me a really good kick or power. It´s a good way to learn how to focus. A life insurance!"

Better sleep, more flexible body

"I have, during the past six months that I have trained Qigong, become more flexible in my body, and calmer, I can sleep better. Especially when I´m travelling with work it helps me calm down in the evening, then I sleep so much better. I came to my first course to find out what my wife actually was doing, but then I also got hooked!"

"I trained rally actively for one year, and I slept so much better then and it helped my crooked back. I can feel it instantly when I don´t train Qigong."

"I came here for the physical side. I do a lot of sports but I noticed that I need something else than the physical side. It can be a risk when you do to much sports that you can injure yourself, especially when you have bad knees and shoulders. I have realized during this course how much the mental side matters, if that doesn´t work then the body can´t function. They are united. I think this training will be good for me, to get the mental side in order. More focus on life, rinse the brain from garbage."

"This course has felt really great!"


Camilla Heidenberg