Hold Qi up Vasa [2009-04-18]

This spring's basic course in Hold Qi Up coincided with one of the more busy weekends in Vasa. Even though we were competing with, among others, the biggest trade fair of the year, there were still some eager people who chose to spend the weekend practising Qigong. And nobody regretted that choice. We had a nice weekend and the participants where happy with the opportunity to get hands-on help in executing the movements better.

The results were also good during the weekend. One woman who has long suffered from migraine, got through a migraine attack without resorting to medications. The attack passed in just a few hours, when it normally takes almost a week with medication. The newer participants were inspired to hear about the results the more experienced participants had achieved by practising Qigong. The motivation to practise was boosted by the course.

Below follows an excerpt from the participants' own comments.

More supple and no colds any longer

"I feel I'm more supple after these two days."

Vasa 090419_350

More supple body

"I feel I'm more supple after these two days."

More supple, less migraine and not stressed

"I can raise my arms now, I haven't been able to do that before. I have less problems with migraine and I never feel stress."

Ball in the stomach gone

"I used to have like a hard ball in my stomach, but I haven't felt it during the course. I also feel I can focus better during the course."

Back pain better and calmer stomach

"This has been a nice and good course. It is important to be corrected. I started practising Qigong because I wanted three results: I wanted help with my bad back; I wanted my stomach to be calmer and I wanted to be able to drink alcohol without getting an upset stomach. My back has been troublesome ever since I hurt myself by heavy lifting many years ago. The reason for the problem was a ruptured disk and I have had chronic pain and severe cases of lumbago, where I have been admitted to hospital for treatment. My back is better and the feeling of a "knife in the back" is completely gone now. I can also manage to drink a glass of wine without upsetting my stomach."

Migraine attack passed

"Yesterday after the course I was really energetic and in a good mood, which I'm usually not. Today something happened in my shoulders and head. I had a migraine attack, but I dared to try to manage without my medication and it went well. After a while the worst passed and I had only "normal headache". When I have a migraine attack, I usually feel like someone hit me over the head and it usually lasts for about a week, but now it's gone. So I'm really impressed."


Jeanette Heidenberg