Hold Qi up Helsinki [2009-04-18]

The third beginner's course this spring in Helsinki was organized in cooperation with Munksnejdens pensionärsförening in the beautiful, sunny premises of Munksnäs sevicehus. A lot of people took the chance of learning and repeating Hold Qi Up. Several of the beginners experienced dramatic changes during the course: two of the participants could for instance lift their arms up without any of the pain that has tormented them for a long time. The atmosphere was warm and positive, with a lot of happy laughter.

From the participants comments:

Asthma and cold getting better

"I have had a cold for a couple of weeks and my head has been heavy, my nose thick. I can now, to my surprise, breath more easily, my nose is much better. My head doesn´t feel so heavy and thick any more."

Shoulder pain and pain in arms disappeared

"I know this is something good for my shoulder pain. I couldn´t raise my left arm this morning because it hurt so much. I though that I just have to sit and watch today, but I could, in a short amount of time lift up the arm without any problems."

"I have for a long time had pain in one of my arms, and I haven´t been able to raise it up so easily. But now I could suddenly lift it without any pain."

Helsingfors 090419_350

"I was tired and stiff yesterday, it was hard to keep standing. It´s totally different today. These movements are really effective for the neck and shoulders."

Calmer and more alert

"I´m a beginner and in short I will say that I get calm by doing this. It feels like my senses have been strengthened, you feel more sensitive, you perceive the body better. I get calm."

"I was pushed here by my wife, but I don´t think I have come here in vain. It feels good. I have come a little further on the road. Yesterday I got so alert after the course that I went to work and almost took a whole day of extra work there."

"I registered for the course immediately after the lecture. I was very tired yesterday, but today it´s not at all the same. It feels nice today, pleasant, I´m ready to continue my training."

"I like this . I´m much calmer now"

"This was good, I was tired yesterday, but today I´m much better."

Improved sleep

"I joined my first course in February and I sleep a lot better nowadays. I have always woken up around four or five in the morning, but now I sleep through the night. My hands are warm all the time now. I think it´s good to repeat a course, good to correct your movements, but it´s so nice to be here because of the atmosphere. It´s a lot of Qi in the air."

"I´m calmer and sleep a lot better. I´ve started to dream a lot!"

Improved circulation

"This has been interesting, nice. I want to calm down now. I have restless legs and cold feet and I have to move them all the time, but during the course they have really started to burn. The circulation must have been improved."

"Right now it feels like I sit and roll my feet on one of those massage "carpets", they tingle, it feels really weird, I could hardly stop myself from laughing earlier because of it."

"This is my second course. I have cold feet and during my first course they burned the whole time, but when I came home afterwards it was gone. It´s nice to be able to train in a group, it gives more continuity. I am one of those extremely restless people, but nowadays I think that the Chinese man on the CD speak to fast. So something has happened."

Softer body, less morning stiffness

"I`m a beginner and I´m happy for my decision to join the course. I was yesterday calm, had a soft body and a lovely tiredness. I have the same feeling now. I had less of my usual morning stiffness this morning. It´s good to get a tool to use."


"I got interested after the lecture. The movements seem good, I´m in no pain and not tired now."

"This is my fourth course. What inspired me most was to begin to train La Qi properly, so thank you for that inspiration."


Camilla Heidenberg