Hold Qi up Hangö [2009-03-28]

It was during this winter's last effort to cover everything in snow that people had gathered in Hangö for a weekend course in Hold Qi Up. Outside of the big windows to Hangethesalen, snow fall was heavy but inside we had a warm and cozy atmosphere. The local group had made tea and biscuits and discussions were lively during the breaks.

There were quite a few beginners at the course. Several of them had come because someone they know had recommended Qigong. Others came because they wanted a new way to influence their health. The fact that the city council of Hangö had chosen to invest in their employees' heath by paying part of the course fee probably also attracted people.

Hangö 090328_350

Like at all our courses also students repeating the course took part. They took the chance to improve their movements and get their questions answered. They also found new motivation and got extra Qi. Despite the fact that the night between Saturday and Sunday was shorter due to the switch to daylight savings time, many felt energetic and more alert than they had expected.

Below is an extract from the participants' own comments:

Improved sleep, calmer

"I practice in the evenings and have started to sleep really well. I have become a bit calmer and don't take that much stress over things. I practice to prevent health problems."

Good way to calm down

"For me it's important to take part in a course once or twice per year. I also take part in the training group in Ekenäs. This is a good way to calm down."

Softer body and better arm

"This is my first course and I'm here because a good friend has repeatedly asked me to join. I've been through a though time after several breast cancer operations. Today my left arm is working better than expected. During lunch I kneeled down to attend to my boots without problems. I was surprised because normally I need a chair."

Problemtummy better and more alert

"This is my first course. Normally I have problems with my stomach but now during the weekend there has been nothing like that. I'm also more alert than I thought I'd be. I moved to Hangö a while ago and I'm looking forward to joining the group trainings and getting a more active social life."

Standing up-right longer

"It feels good to repeat this course and I've improved some details in the movements. I feel more relaxed after the practice. I can use body regulation to be able to stand longer without getting tired."

Improved posture

"This is my second course and I noticed that there are more things to learn than I had expected. I practice actively at home. Nowadays I think about my body in a new way and I've got a better posture."

Feeling good

"This is my first course. I heard about it from a friend and I also took part in the 'Qigong tea evening' the other night. My body feels very good right now. It feels positive."

"I practice almost every day and I'm doing well now. I'm more relaxed and have more patience."

More alert

"This is my first course; before I've been practicing yoga. I've had a lot of energy this weekend and feel alert."


Jeanette Heidenberg